conspicuous consumption

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buying expensive services and products in order to flaunt your wealth

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Revisionist accounts indicate that many Middle Eastern agricultural landlords were not stereotypical rapacious, absentee exploiters of sharecroppers interested only in conspicuous consumption.
Previous research had shown that racial minorities spend a larger portion of their incomes than do whites on conspicuous consumption - buying products that suggest high status.
ceramics); experimental evidence (re-creating a 17th century chocolate recipe); and historical records (trade catalogues, dining etiquette literature) to shed light on the material culture and socio- cultural contexts of newly individualized eating rituals, the spread of the Victorian cult of domesticity, conspicuous consumption, manufacturing processes, and foodways and class mobility among UK and Irish-American agricultural communities.
Today we need to change again - not from the hardships of post-war Britain to conspicuous consumption - but to a country where people are the producers and generators of their own heat and power and where we cherish resources rather than squander them.
They are reassuring and take us back to times before the conspicuous consumption of the past two and a half decades that is felt to have created our downfall.
Add to the excitement of the dance itself lavishly beautiful clothes and jewels and it is clear that court dancing played a major role in promoting visible evidence of conspicuous consumption - and McGowan cites a wide variety of letters from young courtiers along with details of court accounts which have come from the courts of successive rulers in order to underline her argument.
I don't want to come over all sanctimonious but nothing better illustrates the conspicuous consumption of some while half the world starves.
CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION HAS BILLY MARKS JOINING the Harley club, while Zero's Jon Allie has picked up a customized race-ready go-kart with which he's been spotted making the quick trip from his house to Black Box.
This is, as is often observed, the season of over-indulgence and conspicuous consumption.
Or is this merely conspicuous consumption of fuzzy clothing?
Adams, after all, favored sumptuary laws that would restrict conspicuous consumption in order to promote a virtuous frugality.
An object lesson in conspicuous consumption, maybe, but also a vivid reminder that wealth brings its rewards in this case a game of golf with Kenny Dalglish.
By 1600 conspicuous consumption and deficit financing marked both the convent and aristocratic Milan.
In Julius Kirshner's essay on dressing Renaissance brides, wifely wantonness constituted an important part of the eroticized rituals of the consummation of marriage, rituals situated within a larger context of social competition and conspicuous consumption.
It is a vivid document of the 1980s and early 1990s, when greed, dolled up in Armani suits and hair mousse, was celebrated as conspicuous consumption.