conspicuous consumption

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buying expensive services and products in order to flaunt your wealth

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Veblen's ([1899] 1931) theory of conspicuous consumption describes the consumption or purchase of products for status and prestige.
Moreover, he stressed that the untaxed income and windfall gains should be duly taxed to prevent such income from going into conspicuous consumption which pushes the inflation rate higher.
Hollywood has been belt-tightening and conspicuous consumption is a no-no on the Croisette.
It's driven by the credit crunch and a change from conspicuous consumption to conspicuous thrift.
Luckily we had the Russians to finance this conspicuous consumption and luckily they have not left," Sarris said.
Conspicuous consumption, obese waste, champagne and cocaine-fuelled decades will, like the roaring Twenties before them, be succeeded by at least a decade of bitter austerity.
Just like the irrational exuberance of boom inflated asset prices and encouraged conspicuous consumption, fear of the unknown is holding back all consumption decisions, sometimes, even a legitimate necessity backed by perfectly inelastic demand.
Rembrandt Duits in "Art, Class and Wealth" relates the expenditures of patronage to the modern concept of conspicuous consumption.
In conspicuous consumption news, Toy Machine tricksters Billy "The Skid" Marks and Johnny "J-Lay" Layton both scored new whips: Billy, a one-year-newer version of the same Cadillac Deville he already had and Johnny, one of those egg-shaped Lexus SUVs--but the hybrid kind.
Morgan Parry, head of WWF Cymru, said: "What is needed is to step outside of the cycle of conspicuous consumption.
And in some ways, social class is maintained by conspicuous consumption.
There's also a fire, and a catastrophic accident, and a resurrected mother before Firebird can join the world of conspicuous consumption.
What is needed to make way to this enlightened and open new world is to counteract the negative aspects of globalization by imposing a global tax on conspicuous consumption.
The time when the rich set aside conspicuous consumption to help the poor ?
The exception: A certain amount of conspicuous consumption.