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Heliotropiaceae, Boraginales) and a conspectus of the species of the Guiana Shield area.
On the whole, the Qasaid Badr Chach give an official version of the situation on the ground and thus is an uncritical conspectus of the Sultan's reign and achievements.
Conspectus crustaceorum quae in orbis terrarum circumnavigatione, Carolo Wilkes e classe republicae foederatae duce, lexit et descripsit.
Even so, his was a churlish demand after the doyenne of the organ had given us nine pieces which provided us with a brief but brilliant conspectus of the instrument's repertoire for the last four hundred years.
Alexander, Comment, Bullseye on the Nation's Back: Combating the Heightened Threat of Pedestrian Economic Criminals, 19 COMMLAW CONSPECTUS 559 (2011).
Nonetheless, it is a rich and valuable conspectus of the core evidence and of the recent scholarly interpretations, and written with considerable empathy and insight.
00--Man in the Field of Responsibility was written by Karol Wojtyla in 1972 as a conspectus for a book that he and his student Fr.
A more overt retrieval of Franciscan ethics is available from the dialogue On Pleasure, (16) which, in many ways, is a conspectus of the major philosophical outlooks of the 15th Century Italian Humanism.
A generic conspectus of the tribe Procleticini Pennington (Heteroptera, Pentatomidae), with the description of Paraodmalea rubella, new genus and species.
In the absence of all that, Connolly's spirited and erudite conspectus of a multi-ethnic Irish history is an achievement that commands respect.
Hendrik Vervliet drops another biblio-bombshell--this time a conspectus of all French Renaissance printing types.
To start with, this new collection is a conspectus of his views over the last forty years.