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an organism belonging to the same species as another organism

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In nearly every case, the presence or absence of a partner conspecific had no effect on the subject's decision to send fruit to the other animal's enclosure.
Because we intentionally chose abundant native species for our study, conspecific flowers were always available within the foraging range of the pollinators.
1996), conspecific calling songs in katydids very often include ultrasonic frequencies and thus overlap in the frequency domain with aversive stimuli.
Conspecific attraction is the tendency for animals to settle near other members of their species.
laticeps can recognize male conspecific pheromones (Cooper, 1996; Cooper and Vitt, 1984).
1996), the only factor we have been able to identify that isolates the two species is conspecific sperm precedence (Howard and Gregory 1993; Gregory and Howard 1994).
Observations of free-roaming lizards in Bentsen-Rio Grande State Park demonstrate that both LAR-A and LAR-B behave aggressively toward conspecifics as well as toward each other.
For each of the 20 species monitored at both locations, I compared flowering times of conspecific plants between the two locations and between different microclimates at each location.
It has also been reported that parasitic female Hymenoptera are less likely to self-superparasitize than superparasitize another conspecific (Vandijken et al.
To test whether the hermaphrodite and male sexes are fixed or plastic in the androdioecious pedunculate barnacle Octolasmis warwickii, we conducted a series of 22-day-long transplanting experiments to evaluate the effects of a) the original site (attached to the conspecific vs.
Three separate experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of conspecifics on shelter use by Diadema antillarum; specifically, shelter choice was tested with (1) conspecifics present and shelter not limited, (2) conspecific odors present and shelter not limited, and (3) conspecific odors present and shelter limited, To determine whether the presence of a conspecific affects shelter selection by D.
To determine if animals from Hawaii are conspecific with O.
by recording whether the individual is staring directly at a nearby conspecific versus a gaze into the distance (Klose et al.
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