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an association of companies for some definite purpose

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Consortia processes can vary, but a constant for many of these groups is procurement finding and buying much needed products for a super (or at least good) price, avoiding aggravation, and offering a healthy and strong communication link among the various administrators, particularly purchasing agents, at institutions of higher ed.
As in virtually any type of consortia, purchasing directors and other administrators at member IHEs decide what they want and the consortia does it.
Looking at the experiences and benefits accrued at the international level, many consortia have been formed in India.
Library consortia have been formed to deal collectively with the problems of purchasing online products, to benefit from the best possible volume pricing, and to secure the best terms of agreement from online publishers.
Though start-up costs and the time it takes to get courses online are factors, the primary challenge lies in the key contradiction at the very heart of the virtual university idea, These consortia are based are the principle of convenience; the idea that students should be able to find, in one place, all of the courses they need without being restricted to the courses of any single institution.
To expedite the sharing of resources, academic library consortia have promoted the formation of union catalogs and expedited interlibrary loan.
While the chief reason for academic libraries to form consortia has been to share existing physical resources, a new trend is becoming evident or at least more pronounced.
The third in a continuing series of events focused on the creation, management, promotion and legal ramifications of standard setting consortia is sponsored by:
Kavi Corporation, an application service provider for technology consortia and professional associations;
WebCT, maker of the world's most flexible and widely used higher education e-learning solutions, today bolstered its position as the leading supplier of e-learning systems to higher education consortia with the addition of two new customers in the United States and Europe.
That brings to more than 30 the number of consortia and state systems working as higher education consortia that are using WebCT as their e-learning system.
This information is crucial in order for consortia administrators to make informed decisions that will boost the strength of their serials collections and have a positive impact on future planning.
Our new consortia reports module examines the holdings of all consortium members who upload their library's ISSNs to our system, then identifies overlaps and gaps in their combined serials collections," said Michael Cairns, president of New Providence, N.
To date, 39 consortia in 15 countries have acquired access to IDEAL, which is an acronym for International Digital Electronic Access Library.
Established in 1989 as an independent corporation, ICSA has successfully led the security industry in the development of high quality security products through product certification programs, and in establishing better security practices through management of multiple security-focused consortia.