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an association of companies for some definite purpose

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The presence of these libraries was important in each of these five consortia.
Statewide consortia such as MINITEX in Minnesota, WILS in Wisconsin, and the LCS network in Illinois were established to share physical resources, to provide library materials to members.
In the creation of electronic libraries, a principal value of statewide consortia comes in license negotiations.
The similarities and differences of these five consortia will then be discussed and emerging patterns in statewide academic library consortia will be delineated.
an integrated management and marketing company focused on high-tech industry associations and consortia, and
will discuss the financial impact and the benefits of standardization and participation in standards consortia.
Representatives from dozens of leading technology companies to share ideas on how to create, manage, promote and participate in standards consortia on March 11.
Our new consortia reports module examines the holdings of all consortium members who upload their library's ISSNs to our system, then identifies overlaps and gaps in their combined serials collections," said Michael Cairns, president of New Providence, N.
Bowker, a leading publisher of bibliographic information, today announced the introduction of a customizable consortia reports module for users of the Ulrich's Serials Analysis System, a powerful new management tool that provides detailed analytical reports about a library consortium's print and electronic serials collections.
Savings on contracts within consortia can be as high as 28 percent--which Bishop notes is huge when dealing with contracts in the millions.
It might take more time to come to a consensus on certain points of an agreement, but the Ohio consortia members develop a Request for Proposal, send it to vendors, send out proposals, and then evaluate them.
To help avoid the pitfalls of consortia life, members use the gift of gab.
5 million to this consortia project for purchase of e-resources (Dr.
It also monitors international developments in this area and liaises with the International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC) to bring the best possible solutions to its members.
Looking at its effective functioning, more institutions are likely to join consortia of this type.