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being or marked by or containing or functioning as a consonant


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I am not saying the Masoretic pointing was necessarily correct, simply that it was either largely or at least a reasonable representative of an old tradition; in any event, the vocalization of such Semitic languages as were routinely written consonantally was part and parcel of their morphology, more so than many a language written alphabetically.
The same degemination mechanism can be evoked with verbs like gifta [cifta] 'marry': a sequence of two aspirated dental plosives is simplified, which creates the impression that consonantally the verbal base with and without the preterite suffix sounds the same.
9) If my suggestion is right, the i was treated consonantally, so that the word was trisyllabic and the second syllable lengthened, as in Virgil, G.
The verses are quoted out of order so that the consonantally identical active and passive can be more effectively contrasted.
Three Neo-Punic examples of BTM come from consonantally written inscriptions.