consonantal system

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the system of consonants used in a particular language

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Janhunen (1981 : 247-250) explicitly states 30 sound-rules, 11 to explain vocalic changes from Proto-Uralic to Proto-Samoyed, 7 to explain vocalic changes from PU to Proto-Finno-Permic, 12 to explain PU-Proto-Samoyed consonantal changes, the Proto-Finno-Permic consonantal system being, in general, the same as the Proto-Uralic one.
According to the author, the consonantal system for writing Phoenician derives from literary Ugaritic, but Phoenician scribes infrequently employed waw and yod as vowel letters in spelling foreign names and writing certain inflectional morphemes (e.
In "The Consonantal System of Old Chinese" (Pulleyblank 1962) I showed that this failed to make sense of the way the Chinese transcribed foreign words in the Han and post-Han periods or of probable cognates in Tibetan.
The latter form of the word may be understood as arising due to interference from the contemporary understanding of the Sumerian consonantal system.
The Consonantal System of Old Chinese," Asia Major 9: 58-144, 206-65.
The problem may be related to clusters like OC *k-l-, which may have Middle Chinese reflexes in both d- and k- (see Pulley-blank, "The Consonantal System of Old Chinese," Asia Major 9[1961/2]: 11ff; and Bodman, 108ff).