consonantal system

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the system of consonants used in a particular language

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Because the sections on English consonant changes by Luick were available for a long time, especially after the full text the grammar was reprinted in 1964 simultaneously in Germany (Stuttgart: Tauchnitz), United Kingdom (Oxford: Blackwell) and the United States (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press), it is surprising that scholars of English were reluctant to contribute papers on the evolution of the consonantal system in English.
1962, The Consonantal System of Old Chinese.--Asia Major 9, 58-144, 206-265.
Janhunen (1981 : 247-250) explicitly states 30 sound-rules, 11 to explain vocalic changes from Proto-Uralic to Proto-Samoyed, 7 to explain vocalic changes from PU to Proto-Finno-Permic, 12 to explain PU-Proto-Samoyed consonantal changes, the Proto-Finno-Permic consonantal system being, in general, the same as the Proto-Uralic one.
The latter form of the word may be understood as arising due to interference from the contemporary understanding of the Sumerian consonantal system. Sumerian glosses with /s/ may similarly be understood as due to interference from the Akkadian.
"The Consonantal System of Old Chinese." Asia Major 9: 58-144, 206-65.
"The Consonantal System of Old Chinese," Asia Major 9: 58-144, 206-65.