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Synonyms for consolingly

in a comforting or consoling manner


References in classic literature ?
Harvey choked with rage, but Troop went on consolingly: "We're sorry fer you.
The round-bosomed maid came in, drew the curtains, pushed back a log, and said consolingly: "Verra--verra." When she had gone Archer stood up and began to wander about.
Then his kind hand touched her; his friendly voice fell consolingly on her ear.
"An' how could a man wish to die better than fightin'?" added Dan consolingly.
"Well," I said consolingly, "it will be the other way about to-morrow."
Girlie, my youngest, told me consolingly her father wanted to spare me from a nervous breakdown.
And as much as we might prefer, or even expect, a simpler and more consolingly singular answer to emerge from religiously serious intellectuals from decades ago, one that reckoned with the realities of total war and totalitarianism out of millennia-long continuities of Christian belief and thought, that certainly wasn't the case.
with issues of life and death in provocatively secular terms"; they also contend that "lives in Bowen's novels are not linked to the unknown in any consolingly religious sense" (xviii).
The lines afford a respite that centres on the effect of that "There," which gestures to the possibility, implicit in the notion that feeling may be "touched," that the heart's sufferings might be held consolingly apart from the self.
"Wow - I'm sorry Mum, it must have been mind-numbing," middle child said consolingly.
That story remains untold, offscreen: In acknowledging that we cannot begin to imagine Samantha's journey, much less go along for the ride, Jonze reminds us, as consolingly as a rooftop sunrise, that we're only human, and it's enough.