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combining into a single unit


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tending to consolidate

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He was treated with eight cycles of chemotherapy consisting of CHOP/IT and consolidative radiotherapy to initial site of bulky disease followed by complete metabolic resolution of disease on end of treatment PET scan.
The imaging pattern of OP is heterogeneous, but the most common pattern is scattered consolidative opacities in a bilateral and peripheral distribution (Figure 3 and 4).
Widely accepted standard therapy for high-risk NB includes 5 to 7 cycles of intensive cytotoxic chemotherapy, surgery, consolidative autologous stem cell transplantation (SCT), radiation therapy, and maintenance immunotherapy with anti-GD2 antibodies [1].
The characteristic imaging findings of ELP on high resolution CT chest (HRCT) can be summarized into three major categories: (1) alveolar filling (ground glass pattern) with or without crazy paving, often with subpleural sparing, (2) consolidative pulmonary lesion with spontaneous angiogram sign on unenhanced HRCT (pulmonary vessels may spontaneously be visible within the areas of parenchymal filling without IV contrast), and (3) low-density pulmonary consolidation (-30 to -150 Hounsfield units) in a bronchocentric distribution [16-18].
2010) Organizational stages and cultural phases: a critical review and a consolidative model of corporate social responsibility development.
As reported, combination chemotherapy with ifosfamide, cisplatin or carboplatin, and etoposide (ICE) has the capacity to mobilize and collect a sufficient number of APBSC with limited nonhematological toxicity, which may complicate consolidative HDCT.
Imaging revealed a large thick walled cavity having air filled level in the right middle and lower lobe along with consolidative changes in adjacent lung parenchyma.
The patient was treated with chemotherapy lasting over a 1-year period with an Acute Myeloid Leukemia Protocol and by consolidative radiation therapy to the right acetabulum and pubis.
2010), "Organizational stages and cultural phases: a critical review and a consolidative model of corporate social responsibility development", International Journal of Management Reviews, Vol.
CT chest showed consolidative opacity in the posterolateral left upper lobe with areas of cavitation suggesting necrosis along with small cavitary lesion in the right upper lobe (see Figure 2).
Consolidative transactions supply occasions for shared benefits (numerous matters are bargained that are appreciated dissimilarly by the concerned participants).
98] Neoadjuvant chemotherapy in combination with EGFR inhibitors followed by consolidative surgical resection is of significant clinical interest; we await results of planned phase II prospective trials.