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the use of chemical agents to treat or control disease (or mental illness)

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Different practitioners or institutions have varied standards of protocols, with induction chemotherapy before concurrent chemo-RT preferred by some,[sup][4] and others practicing consolidation chemotherapy after concurrent chemo-RT.
QuANTUM-First is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study evaluating quizartinib in combination with induction and consolidation chemotherapy and as maintenance monotherapy in patients with newly-diagnosed FLT3-ITD+ AML.
Patients who received PKC412 (midostaurin) and standard induction and consolidation chemotherapy experienced a significant improvement in overall survival (OS) compared to those who received standard induction and consolidation chemotherapy alone.
We present the case of a young female patient with intermediate risk AML, eligible for allogeneic stem cell transplantation from an unrelated donor, for which severe infectious complications prevented the administration of consolidation chemotherapy for more than 90 days, thus favoring leukemia relapse.
The patient completed 3 cycles of consolidation chemotherapy, and then intrathecal chemotherapy was given for central nervous system (CNS) prophylaxis.
One month later the first consolidation chemotherapy (cytarabine + amsacrine) was done and 6 days afterwards the patient presented diarrhoea without abdominal pain or fever.
Kelsey Oveson, Accelerated '09, who received the 2009 Shirley Sohmer Award for her research entitled "Determination of Most Appropriate Diet in Leukemia Patients Receiving AcD-Ac Consolidation Chemotherapy.
Before consolidation chemotherapy she elected to begin IV vitamin C at 60 g twice weekly.
Obviously, after a big surgery and 6 months of initial chemotherapy, giving another year of consolidation chemotherapy immediately can have a negative impact on a patient's quality of life," he said.
The second cycle of consolidation chemotherapy was also complicated by fever.
Autologous bone marrow transplantation versus intensive consolidation chemotherapy for acute myeloid leukemia in childhood.
Occurrence of neutropenia typically requires dose reductions for chemotherapy regimens which can impact subsequent disease control and survival, especially in the treatment of acute leukemia and high-risk MDS, where dose-intensive, myelosuppressive induction and consolidation chemotherapy have demonstrated significant clinical benefit.
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