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a church tribunal or governing body

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91) Moreover, today's more globalized Catholicism calls for a rejuvenation of the role of the mid-level ecclesiastical institution (that in the last two centuries took the form of national bishops' conferences) (92) and a return to the early modern consistorial system in an updated form, where the Roman Curia is subject to the oversight of representatives of the local churches.
In France, at the levels of local consistorial police, synodal policy making, and orthodox textual combat of popular "superstitions," I find less pronounced Calvinist activity.
Second, the highly centralized consistorial system, which served to unite French Jews into a single national unit -- in sharp contrast to the complete absence of any "national" organization representing all of German Jewry -- militated against radical religious reform.
A copy of the proceedings, signed by the archbishop, the secretary, and the other bishops, was sent through the apostolic delegate to the Sacred Consistorial Congregation.
The consistory registers contain many cases in which suspended persons finally submitted to consistorial discipline in order to obtain permission to marry or serve as a godparent at baptism.
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Congregational or consistorial "courts" might monitor the mischief in local parishes and assure a modicum of intraparish piety, but who might umpire when persons from different parishes turned on each other?
Hand in glove with these cardinals' consistorial machinations was the support of Prospero Colonna, lay head of the family, who also extended the Colonnas' protection to the Soderini after 1512 and during a period after 1517 when the Medici pope, Leo X, and Cardinal Soderini were on bad terms.
91) Writing to the Sacred Consistorial Congregation "only on facts that came directly under his observation," Hetherington stressed that even before McNally came to Calgary (at Westminster) he told him that the first thing he intended to do was "search out a hall or other building suitable for a day school, where the Benedictines might make a start at once, while their college was in course of erection.
David Baird Smith, "The Reformers and Divorce: A Study in Consistorial Jurisdiction," Scottish Historical Review 10 (1912): 16-19 and 29-34; J.
Municipalidad de lo Barnechea - Adquisiciones - Consistorial,
Consistorial discipline was enforced, but only professed members of the Reformed church were subject to this discipline.
Unfortunately, the Dutch and German contrast remains in shadow, since the thorough study by Heinz Schilling forming its second chapter concerns marriage policy rather than consistorial discipline in general.
7) The derangement of a son was an occurrence that abounds in both Protestant consistorial registers and in criminal archives.
The Consistorial Congregation held two meetings to discuss the proposed terna: the first on 3 December 1908 and the second on 11 February 1909.