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Synonyms for consistence

logical agreement among parts

Synonyms for consistence

a harmonious uniformity or agreement among things or parts

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A roof of a rundown house collapsed in village Butt Siri; district Mardan, K-P due to consistence rain showers.
This shows that there has been consistence towards achieving gender parity in KCSE examination enrollment.
Mehmood Khan also spoke about the speedy streamlining of seven newly merged districts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa through a consistence progress on FATA reforms developing and laying down infrastructure for education, health and other social sectors.
When motivating students, Word Crackers tutor, Ms Lebogang Malebye, advised students to start building their lives early noting that persistence and consistence were key in academic excellence.
He gave a directive during his meeting in the Republican Palace Tuesday with the Waki (governor) of West Kordofan State, Ahmed Agab Al-Faiya, for consistence of political statements, boosting social peace and continuing the weapons collection.
He added: "This program is in consistence with the Kingdom's Vision 2030, and at the same time supports the National Transformation Program initiatives."
Looking at Kamworor's consistence, I think the man is like old wine that has been brewed with a lot of perfection.
Egypt also supports all the resolutions regarding achieving the two objectives, in consistence with Egypt's stance that aims for eliminating nuclear weapons from the globe, as well as halting any manoeuvres that would make outer space--which it says is the property of all humanity--another arena for an arms race.
LAHORE -- Due to the consistence pursuance of Overseas Pakistanis Commission (OPC) Punjab, an expatriate Pakistani has succeeded in getting back his 142 million rupees.
"The declaration of quality policies has been published clearly to all as it is one of the requirements of the ISO, which comes in consistence with transparency as one of Tamkeen's core values," Dr Janahi said.
The implementation of quality and academic accreditation standards involves developing the vision and objectives in consistence with the accelerating educational developments in the knowledge era, improving governance and leadership to support efforts in continuous development, applying modern and advanced methods of teaching and education to provide remarkable learning opportunities for the students and equipping them with the knowledge and skills required, activating a comprehensive evaluation system to measure the extent of development and improvement, providing the necessary technical resources for supporting the educational process as well as complying with the continuous development process to guarantee and improve quality.
After the soil samples of 60 kg weight and the gravel samples of 18 kg (30% weight of the soil samples) were mixed averagely, the water of 15.6 kg was put in to prepare the SRM slurry of 26% consistence. The SRM slurry prepared above was then stirred uniformly and placed for 30 minutes after being covered with plastic film.
In the present study, there is a female preponderance of 65% which was in consistence with studies done by Calvino et al, [4] but contrast with studies done by Salusbury and Chen et al.
Normally, HIPAA Legal Software consistence is a significantly greater issue than how one cooperates with programming or how programming associates with understanding data, so no product solution will make your therapeutic facility HIPAA agreeable.