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Synonyms for considering

all things considered


  • all things considered
  • all in all
  • taking everything into consideration
  • taking everything into account
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When considering a loan's potential terms, a lending institution will consider several criteria.
Considering the energy costs today, a considerable portion of a scrap recycler's processing cost is related to the cost of energy.
In this instance, therefore, when considering the derivation of this form, we should consider the existing to be the site, and the known to be the chosen technology of construction.
It is also considering whether to prepare other guidance for its members on quality control in tax practice and how firms may best adhere to quality-control standards and comply with Sections 10.
Among women who would be open to considering an abortion, substantial majorities said they would do so if a pregnancy endangered their life or health (84%), if it resulted from rape or incest (84%), or if their infant would be affected by a chromosomal abnormality or would have a mental or physical disability (70-76%).
Is the Department of Finance considering any options to alleviate this concern?
In the November 2003 evaluation, examiners reported that the bank's level of qualified investments and grants was good, considering the needs and opportunities available to the bank and its size and financial capability.
A growing number of states are considering laws that allow pharmacists to deny birth control prescriptions based on their religious objections.
While I was bartending one evening, a friend of mine joked about how ridiculous it now seemed that we had met a year earlier at a college gathering for those who were considering the priesthood.
LANCASTER - State water-quality regulators are considering giving Lancaster's sanitation district 3 1/2 more years in which to stop treated sewage from overflowing onto Edwards Air Force Base's Rosamond Dry Lake.
Heinz is now considering the only option left to her as she sees it, which is breaking into the pharmacist's warehouse and stealing a huge supply of the drug.
In considering the scope and content of this interpretation, the task force decided to include concepts such as "business purpose," "economic substance" and the "likelihood of success" as well as "reliance on others," "reasonableness of assumptions and representations," "diligence as to facts," "content of opinions," "tax opinions provided for nonclients," "marketing of others' tax products" and tax product marketing in general.
It is generally accepted that these new rules will eventually apply to large privately held companies, municipalities, nonprofit organizations, banks, and brokerage houses because states are considering "mini SOX" acts which will affect nonpublicly traded entities.