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Synonyms for considered

resulting from deliberation and careful thought

planned, weighed, or estimated in advance

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carefully weighed

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Let the case of the slaves be considered, as it is in truth, a peculiar one.
The one as well as the other, therefore, may be considered as represented by those who are charged with the government.
Should the damage be equal on each side, the war is considered as honorably concluded; should one party lose more than the other, it is entitled to a compensation in slaves or other property, otherwise hostilities are liable to be renewed at a future day.
The Chinooks and other Indians at the mouth of the river, soon proved themselves keen traders, and in their early dealings with the Astorians never hesitated to ask three times what they considered the real value of an article.
The persons, therefore, to whose immediate management these different matters are committed, ought to be considered as the assistants or deputies of the chief magistrate, and on this account, they ought to derive their offices from his appointment, at least from his nomination, and ought to be subject to his superintendence.
In the conduct of this matter, I say, Molly so well played her part, that Jones attributed the conquest entirely to himself, and considered the young woman as one who had yielded to the violent attacks of his passion.
He considered this poor girl as one whose happiness or misery he had caused to be dependent on himself.
And above all things, a prince ought to live amongst his people in such a way that no unexpected circumstances, whether of good or evil, shall make him change; because if the necessity for this comes in troubled times, you are too late for harsh measures; and mild ones will not help you, for they will be considered as forced from you, and no one will be under any obligation to you for them.
In addition, the Board has considered the entry of two depository institutions in the Punta Gorda banking market since 2001 and factors indicating that the market remains somewhat attractive for entry.
The standard makes it clear that neither government-wide statements nor fund financial statements are considered superior or subordinate to the other--they are equally important, and all are required for a "complete" set of statements presented in conformity with GAAP.
36 (2002), the Tax Court ruled that even though an Appeals Officer considered a taxpayer's underlying tax liability in a collection-due-process hearing, the taxpayer was barred from raising the issue in Tax Court, because he had received a deficiency notice.
To answer the first question, both tangible and intangible factors must be considered. While these factors may seem simplistic, it is often difficult for physicians, who have been trained to focus on the needs of others, to consider their own needs, particularly as these have typically been put aside, often at tremendous self- and family sacrifice.
Additionally, the company's profit picture will be considered. Even if the business had five great years, if the last one presented poor financials, the lender may consider this loan to be risky.
This is a single checklist containing inquiries to be considered when preparing many state and local corporation income tax returns.