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kind and considerate regard for others

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To compress project duration for practical considerateness, it is necessary for stakeholders to consider how to arrange resources and reduce budget.
27) Even when he attempts to exert his fatherly authority through friendly considerateness, he fails to do so: his advice manifests itself as the ultimate order that aims at gaining "persuadableness" (28) rather than "affectionate confidence" from Fanny.
This voluntary sacrifice is coupled by his considerateness in telling Grace to go to bed (Faith Healer, p.
It's Time for Good Manners" is a great package workbook for children ages 4-7, combining learning twin virtues of considerateness and courtesy and punctuality.
We were now the epitome of considerateness, picking up trash and going out of our way to be courteous.
Moreover, equality in liberty also fosters considerateness and toleration, because occupations and beliefs are so open, so little ascribed, so voluntary.
Arguably, a direct transfer of biblical experiences into ethical directives and policy measures is even less possible, but such an approach offers revealing insights into the manner in which the relation and attitude to the "other" is grounded in the belief in God--an attention and considerateness that is expected and continued in the New Testament (John 1:11; parables).
It should be conducted with as little delay as possible and with great courtesy and considerateness.
John Wain is effusive in his remembrance, describing Warren Lewis as "the most courteous [man] I have ever met--not with mere politeness, but with a genial, self-forgetting considerateness that was as instinctive to him as breathing" (184).
Melissa Bagge, 23, said she fell for her husband's sense of humor, considerateness, confidence, "bright blue eyes" and strong religious convictions.
Because of his life circumstances, he may be inadequately familiar with our general expectations regarding considerateness, gratitude, the moral norms internal to friendship, etc.
Gunder treated women in a manner that combined the considerateness of a 19th-century gentlemen (at least the positive depiction of it) with the deep respect of a feminist who understood the struggle of women.
As new semes accrue to Queequeg--affectionateness, civility, considerateness, sense of proprieties, honesty, dignity, modesty, unassuming wisdom, friendliness, generosity, religiosity, nobility, egalitarianism, loyalty, and bravery--students experience the liberating expansion of their own sense of relation to others, and this serves as a counterpoint to the numerous incidents of rapacity, hypocrisy, disingenuousness, and hierarchy that create an atmosphere of confinement and isolation on the shore and aboard the ship.
Believing that Christianity is unlikely to play again the role it once did in our society, he considers the three most important virtues to be politeness, considerateness and thoughtfulness.
Another advantage is that not all non-Muslims are against us; let us not antagonise them with irresponsible and un-Islamic acts; let us emulate the nobility of Salledin towards King Richard of England, indeed the considerateness of the Prophet towards the enemies of Islam.