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Synonyms for considerate

Synonyms for considerate

full of polite concern for the well-being of others

Antonyms for considerate

showing concern for the rights and feelings of others

References in classic literature ?
Without any display of doing more than the rest, or any fear of doing too much, he was always true to her interests, and considerate of her feelings, trying to make her good qualities understood, and to conquer the diffidence which prevented their being more apparent; giving her advice, consolation, and encouragement.
But had Walter Merritt Emory been thus considerate, not only would Daughtry and Kwaque have sailed out and away over the sea, but with them would have sailed Michael.
Linfoot Country Homes was recently named the most considerate house building company in the UK by the Considerate Constructors Scheme thanks to its environmental sensitivity, staff care and safety and concern for the needs of neighbours.
Aidan was considerate was willing great lengths friends and Family statement Police were called to the scene, near to the junction with the B4501, shortly before 7.
Owen Jenkins - who was a talented runner and rugby player - has been described as a "friendly giant" and a "loving, kind, considerate and wellmannered lad", who would do anything to help anyone.
Connect Plus Services (CPS) has been awarded the top prize in the 2016 Considerate Constructors Scheme National Company Awards, by being recognised as the Most Considerate Company 2016.
This is a time to celebrate and we want to remind everyone to be considerate of others, particularly on the night before Eid.
Even total strangers from all walks of life have been kind, helpful and considerate.
POLICE are encouraging people to be considerate this Christmas.
Members of Ms Hopkins' family yesterday paid heartfelt tributes to the "most kind and considerate person anyone could know".
A DISABLED man has called on his neighbours to be more considerate and not park in a disabled space outside his home.
Now Pete accepts he could have been more considerate to singer Roger.
As part of our commitment to delivering on sustainability, the project team achieved an incredible 100 per cent waste recycling score throughout the entirety of the project and a final Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) score of 42 out of 50.
Nine papers from a December 2013 symposium in Tampa, Florida review current research into the use of biologically based and other environmentally considerate lubricants, and describe new and improved environmental test methods.
UnionPay International has said that it has launched special offers which will last for one month and cover the Spring Festival holiday in 30 countries and regions, to bring considerate services to cardholders who will spend the traditional Chinese festival overseas.