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Synonyms for considerable

Synonyms for considerable

Antonyms for considerable

large or relatively large in number or amount or extent or degree

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There wasn't anything more said for a considerable while; the old lady was thinking.
The single article of ardent spirits, under federal regulation, might be made to furnish a considerable revenue.
After pausing on this point a considerable while, she once more continued to read.
The high walls and rocks, within which the travellers had been so long inclosed, now occasionally presented openings, through which they were enabled to ascend to the plain, and to cut off considerable bends of the river.
As I purposed to make a considerable stay here, it gratified me to learn that there is no longer the want of harmony between the town's-people and pilgrims, which impelled the former to such lamentably mistaken measures as the persecution of Christian and the fiery martyrdom of Faithful.
The fact is that our friend, the baronet, begins to display a considerable interest in our fair neighbour.
The public are entreated to bear in mind that thirteen years have passed since it was finished, many more since it was begun, and that during that period, places, manners, books, and opinions have undergone considerable changes.
By this means he says he shall necessarily have an equal number of each rank, but he is mistaken--for the majority will always consist of those of the first rank, and the most considerable people; and for this reason, that many of the commonalty not being obliged to it, will not attend the elections.
A considerable share of his master's renown was reflected upon him.
At night, and between meals, I found considerable time for study and reading; and in this direction I improved myself very much during the summer.
A third has advanced along the Vladimir road, and a fourth, rather considerable detachment is stationed between Ruza and Mozhaysk.
Word had come of the abduction of Thuvia of Ptarth from her father's court, and with it the veiled hint that the Prince of Helium might be suspected of considerable knowledge of the act and the whereabouts of the princess.
Browning with tact, with a real refinement and grace; saying well many [42] things which every competent reader of the great poet must feel to be true; devoting to the subject he loves a critical gift so considerable as to make us wish for work from his hands of larger scope than this small volume.
Consequently, we were a considerable distance from the sea, and divided from it by a labyrinth of streets and houses.
After some ten shots had been fired at considerable intervals a body of copper-colored warriors appeared upon the shore.