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He added: "If the nation embraces the product and shows their support for English fruit farmers, then we'll consider launching a series of English conserves in the near future.
The UK's leading sweet spreads brand is introducing a delicious range of Fruit & Honey Conserves sweetened with pure, natural honey.
We continue to emphasize our commitment to both the delivery of high-quality, clinically effective oxygen conserves and the growth of our business for many years to come," states George Harris, CEO of Inovo, Inc.
Concluded James, "FLEXible Trade-Ins dramatically expands the dealer's potential related to trade-in vehicle business because it conserves cash and saves time.
The growing popularity of multi-layer plastics packaging for both retail and foodservice markets in France is underlined by the close working relationships now established between sauce manufacturer Midi Conserves of Avignon and RPC Containers Corby.
Conserves France, Converi, Coop Moguer, Coop Schweiz, CORA, Cosun, Covalpa, Covemur, Cremonini, CSM, Cultivar, DArta, DAucy, Dahler, Danone, Darbo, Daregal, Del Monte Europe, Del Monte Europe, Delhaize, Delikatessa, Denadao, Descours, Dicogel, Dirafrost, Ditzler, Dohler Citrus, Dole, Dole Foods EspaSa, Dole Fresh Fruit, Dole Italia, Donnellys, Dream Fruits, Ebro Puleva, Edeka, Edeka Fruchtkontor, Efko, Ekstroms, El Cidacos, Elbak, Enfru, Enza, Esk FF, Euradrap, Eurofood, Europi, Everfresh, Evikon, Faraud, Ferimpex, Findim, Findus FF, Foodimpex, France Banane, Fresh Del Monte, Frigemo, Frigifruit, Frinalco, Frisch & Frost, Frisco-Findus, Frosta, Frozen-Fruit, Fruchtring, Fructus Meran, Fruibourg, Fruits CMR, Frutas Lidesa, Frutas Victoriet.
Products will include desert toppings, pie filings, conserves, marmalades, fruit butters, salsas, dips, sauces, glazes, marinades, gravies, oils and vinegars, mayonnaises, salad dressings, jams, jellies, preserves, curds, stews, and beverages.
That not only conserves energy, it helps save tax dollars.
DATABridge Enterprise Server conserves resources while increasing efficiency
E[acute accent]"Using recycled rather than virgin paper conserves wood, water and energy, and helps reduce pollution and waste," said Victoria Mills, Project Manager at Environmental Defense.
develops, manufactures and markets combustion equipment that reduces emissions and conserves energy.
Efficient water treatment: conserves water by using a "Constructed Wetland" treatment facility for secondary waste treatment.
Elm noted that "as the industry leader in environmental stewardship, it is important for Office Depot to communicate the scope of our environmentally friendly product offerings to our customers in a manner that substantially conserves natural resources.
ON Semiconductor is offering the NCP144x devices in a new low-profile PowerFLEX(TM) surface mount that further conserves board space.
Conformance to the ISO 14001 guidelines reduces waste, conserves energy, prevents pollution and improves overall environmental performance.