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Synonyms for conserve

Synonyms for conserve

to protect (an asset) from loss or destruction

to use without wasting

to prepare (food) for storage and future use

Synonyms for conserve

keep constant through physical or chemical reactions or evolutionary change

Related Words

keep in safety and protect from harm, decay, loss, or destruction

use cautiously and frugally

preserve with sugar

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Les Echos AaAaAeA@crit de son cAaAaAeA tAaAaAeA@ qu'AaAaAeA l'AaAaAeA@chelle de Renault, Ca pourrait AaAaAeA@galement scinder la fonction de PDG pour ne conserver q la prAaAaAeA@sidence du groupe franAaAaAeAoais, et qu'une piste interne est claire privilAaAaAeA@giAaAaAeA@e pour son successeur opAaAaAeA@rati
Additionally, the Solar Conserver boasts an understated and inconspicuous presence on a rooftop.
Oxygen concentrators and conservers are being designed for more portability and for use at the patient's bedside.
com so that electricity consumers can find out what kind of conserver they are and receive tips on how to move up to the next category.
Caroline Bendix, a freelance conserver who advises the National Trust on book conservation, will be at Cherryburn in Stocksfield, birthplace and home of artist, wood engraver and naturalist Thomas Bewick, on April 7, 8, 10 and 11.
I was using a mask plumbed through an oxygen conserver and had a dedicated Nonin pulse oximeter.
Jill Kerr, a natural science conserver at the museum, said: "The gorilla skeleton has been probably the most difficult thing to box up.
Recently, Precise Flight introduced its own conserver, a mechanical design for use with portable or built-in oxygen systems.
Ils soulignent que la Commission europeenne doit conserver dans cette base toutes les informations relatives aux infractions transfrontalieres au sein de l'Union.
La sante globale, physique, psychologique et spirituelle: se l'approprier et la conserver.
Can we assist the United States to make a constructive transition in becoming a conserver society, or do we knuckle under to 19th century colonial-style imperialism?
La vision originale des auteurs, tous deux amoureux d'architecture et de Quebec, rend a merveille l'exemplarite du lieu, une ville qui n'a rien perdu de son attrait pour les admirateurs de paysage urbain de qualite, une ville qui a su conserver a travers le temps sa preponderance comme lieu de pouvoir.
Boiled down to basics, his philosophy involves reducing your debt load to zero, and become a conserver rather than a consumer.
En cas de cession, le groupe de Tokyo cesserait de concevoir et de fabriquer des telephones mobiles mais il voudrait conserver une participation minoritaire dans sa filiale ainsi que sa marque.