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protected from harm or loss

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BIRADS Examination N 3-5 Biopsies Asymptomatic conserved breast 2 182 71 (3.
Things that aren't conserved by evolution are less likely to be required for basic functions.
A large fraction of the virus-specific T-cell response in mice and humans is directed to conserved determinants of viral core proteins, and many studies in mice have shown that memory T cells can accelerate recovery and reduce illness on virus challenge.
By comparing protein interaction networks of two different species or even within species, we can identify pathways and complexes that have been conserved over evolution.
Still, conservatism is best understood by looking to the object, structure, or institution to be conserved.
The bottom line is this: If you want Africa's wildlife conserved without hunting, then you are going to have to PAY people NOT to shoot the elephants.
It's a beautiful day in Suzanne Couture's neighborhood, where containers are recycled, water is conserved and hazardous wastes are taken to the proper dump site.
Biological diversity is conserved by maintaining the variability of living organisms and the complexes of which they are part.
Puget Sound Energy is following through on its commitments to see that these environmentally sensitive lands are conserved for future generations," said Eric Markell, PSE's senior vice president of Energy Resources.
Under the project, INTACH funded by Spain, around 200 monuments, riverbanks that form a part of the heritage city will be conserved.
However, the patient's serum but not CSF tested positive for flavivirus RNA when a universal flavivirus reverse transcription (RT)-PCR assay that targets the conserved sequence of the NS5 region was used (3).
RNA silencing was first noticed in plants when attempts to create transgenic plants that overexpressed a natural gene often had the opposite effect; later it was found to be an evolutionarily conserved defense mechanism against plant RNA viruses and other molecular parasites.
When it comes to stormwater runoff, patches of conserved land do not counterbalance developed land, he explains.
The Bank is conserved in perpetuity through a conservation easement held by the Riverside Land Conservancy and an endowment providing permanent habitat maintenance funded by Vulcan Materials Company.