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Synonyms for conservator

a person who is legally responsible for the person or property of another considered by law to be incompetent to manage his or her affairs

Synonyms for conservator

the custodian of a collection (as a museum or library)


someone appointed by a court to assume responsibility for the interests of a minor or incompetent person

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While most court-appointed guardians and conservators are undoubtedly professional, caring, and law-abiding, there are some who use their position of power to exploit seniors, Senator Klobuchar said.
However, the art conservators have put an end to the restoration activities effective April 30, 2014.
The Chief Conservator and all Divisional Conservators also attended the meeting.
Conservators also experience inherent vice, a problem that occurs when the material the artist used is not compatible with the coatings an art conservator uses in restoration.
The museum's 20 conservators work to clean, stabilise, restore and investigate everything from huge working machines to microfossils, oil paintings to photographs, Viking swords to mobile phones, and harps to 18th century ballgowns.
NCVMA will award $5,000 to the Conservators Center in 2015, and the organization will have the opportunity to reapply for the grant in 2016.
Three of the museum's conservators reached by telephone gave differing accounts of when the incident occurred last year, and whether the beard was knocked off by accident while the mask's case was being cleaned, or was removed because it was loose.
Stanislav Georgiev Lyutov and Elena Zdravkova Kostadinchev, who were until now conservators at Credit Agricole Bulgaria EAD, were appointed conservators at KTB AD.
The conservators will document their work and perform technical investigations, including infrared reflectography, digital x-radiography and multi-spectral analysis.
The antique was found down the pan at Fontainebleau Palace outside Paris and had conservators scratching their heads as to why it was not found in a more royal setting.
Protesters want to know why the Malvern Hill Conservators, who manage the 3,000 acres of rolling hills, waged a lengthy battle to close tenant Mr Redmond's St Ann's Well Cafe, a move which would have killed off a dining service renowned for its vegan fruit cake and dandelion coffee.
Frescoes and sculptures usually in the shadows are brightly illuminated with broad-spectrum lights as, with a steady hand, conservators cautiously clean, repair, and inpaint under the eyes of curious onlookers.
What is the role of museums and art conservators in preserving it?
The historical documents at Skinningrove's Ironstone Mining Museumnow live in a "Tardis" style storage facility - the idea of conservators at Durham University, museum staff and volunteers.
In the series "Guardians for Profit" Los Angeles Times reporters Robin Fields, Evelyn Larrubia and Jack Leonard outed the secret of Scott and other California conservators.