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a political or theological orientation advocating the preservation of the best in society and opposing radical changes

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Peirce finds support for his true conservativism and his trust in instinct and sentiment in John Locke.
One of the most original insights of Szirotny's study is her argument that Eliot, as a child, suffered from what Alice Miller, in The Drama of the Gifted Child, calls "narcissistic disturbances," and that her ambivalence and apparent conservativism can be better understood as an expression of the psychological defenses related to them.
His able description of how that influence was reshaped and transformed from the 1960s by the re-ignition of conflict in Northern Ireland, and by dissident revisionists reacting against the perceived anti-national and methodologically conservativism of the dominant approach, rightly also credits the new diversity of scholarly perspective that developed out of the Irish diaspora, particularly (although not specifically in Jackson's account) the opportunistic colonization over the last quarter of the twentieth century of important comers of the American academy by Irish specialists.
This paper argues that Harlem Duet, in spite of Sears's largely radical and productive feminist adaptation of Shakespeare's play, retains a certain conservativism insofar as Billie expresses an inverted version of the interracial phobia of Othello--she, like Shakespeare's Venice, fears that the uniracial community will be contaminated by the hypothetical interracial child.
Conservativism is every bit as moral and compassionate as socialism.
In Allett's view, "Hobson's conservativism is centred in his sociology" (p.
Shapiro gives cogent explanations for how TV became and stays liberal, how TV comedy trashes conservativism, how TV drama glorifies Leftist concepts, how marketing and advertising myths are used to silence conservative criticism of TV programming, and how government has influenced Hollywood TV to become its lapdog and cheering section.
The platform debate has proved once again that compassionate conservativism and the pragmatic Republican Party are no more," Garcia said.
This new volume, edited by Martin van Bruinessen, seeks to explain 'the conservative turn' through well-researched essays exploring various dimensions of the rise of Islamic conservativism in Indonesia, including case studies of the Majelis Ulama Indonesia, Muhammadiyah, Shariah in South Sulawesi, and radical Islam in the city of Solo (Surakarta).
Over all, she advocates compassionate conservativism, calling out leaders who make manipulative appeals to 'the plight of the poor,' while making obscurantist apologies for the irresolvable circumstances that account for people's poverty and vulnerability.
But historians of conservativism have traced a lineage that predates the face-off between Phyllis Schlafly and Betty Friedan.
A disciplined approach to cost control, coupled with the continued conservativism of our lending and risk management policies, combined to deliver a quarter-on-quarter improvement in profit before tax.
Purged, blacklisted, or simply ignored by Conservativism, Inc.
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