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in a conservative manner

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The best scenario for both engine life and emissions is to warm up your car for twenty to forty seconds, then drive very conservatively until your engine reaches its standard temperature range as shown on your instrument panel.
Charles River Associates conservatively estimated that the "cost per Connecticut household of meeting these caps would be between $700 and $1,300 per year over the next three decades, accompanied by the loss of 20,000 jobs.
This also helps add interest to the musical line, since the work is so conservatively scored.
According to the presenters, emission factors should typically be utilized conservatively unless process and material specification on which the factors are based is similar to the process being analyzed, In addition, site-specific emission testing can give the most accurate emissions rates for a given process but it is generally difficult and costly to perform in an acceptable manner.
Financially, the college is conservatively managed.
ACF is the vehicle that accepts charitable planned gifts and conservatively invests those dollars in a portfolio of balanced programs.
As with other aspects of this study, the service/user matrix is designed conservatively.
Transactions are going to be more conservatively underwritten.
The survey conservatively gauges the popularity of alternative therapies among people with mental conditions, since it focused only on practitioner-guided approaches.
Its design is characterized by an eminently readable body text, conservatively and consistently set in a 3-column format, and a number of sophisticated graphic elements presented in warm colors of deep orange and yellow.