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Synonyms for treatment

Synonyms for treatment

the systematic application of remedies to effect a cure

Synonyms for treatment

the management of someone or something

a manner of dealing with something artistically

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an extended communication (often interactive) dealing with some particular topic

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Indications for surgery in patients with spondylolisthesis Surgical indications (8) * Slip progression * High-grade spondylolisthesis with significant lumbosacral kyphotic deformity and sagittal imbalance * Neurologic deficit * Low back pain unresponsive to conservative treatment * Radicular pain and nerve root compression documented on imaging studies unresponsive to conservative treatment
Among the conservative treatment, the efficacy of muscle exercises has been confirmed by many authors.
However, in recent literatures various studies have shown that in displaced mid shaft fractures of clavicle, the prevalence of non-union or malunion is higher after conservative treatment in contrast to previous studies5.
Those who responded in the initial 48 hours had conservative treatment continued.
Beside the above stated conservative treatment modalities, applicable materials were also discussed for the same purpose.
Among them, the emergency surgery group included 18 patients (36%) and the conservative treatment group included 32 patients (64%).
It is well documented in the literature that conservative treatment often results in further episodes of shoulder instability in the adolescent population (up to 95% incidence).
Bearing the severe secondary displacement following conservative treatment in case 1 in mind follow-up CT scans of the cervical spine were performed four days after the initial injury revealing a mild secondary lateral displacement.
There are no randomized clinical trials (RCT) showing that conservative treatment prevents the progression of venous disease but for the outcome of a trial conducted by S Shingler et al (10) which showed less complications following conservative treatment, similar to the present study.
For example, the doctors examined more than 150 patients with burn injuries in 2013; 47 of them were operated and the remaining patients received conservative treatment.
Most MCL sprains will heal with conservative treatment.
This 26-week, randomised, double-blind, three-arm, placebo-controlled Cingal Phase III trial was designed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a single injection of Cingal in 368 patients experiencing joint pain from osteoarthritis of the knee who had not responded to conservative treatment.
Surgeons should be careful to suggest meniscus surgery in patients with degenerative menisci without a trial of conservative treatment and with clear clinical indications that symptoms are due to the meniscus tear.
A 40-year-old man comes to your office for follow-up of medial left knee pain he's had for 3 months that hasn't responded to conservative treatment.
Volume I begins with general considerations of biomechanics, anatomy, imaging, conservative treatment strategy, and anesthesia.
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