conservation of electricity

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the principle that the total electric charge of a system remains constant despite changes inside the system

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For example, in NERC regions with relatively dirty sources of generation, such as coal, a damage-based code would place a greater weight on conservation of electricity relative to conservation of natural gas than states with cleaner sources of generating electricity.
Literally speaking, the country must undergo lengthy periods of "load shedding", the industry's euphemism for crisis conservation of electricity, and figuratively by being economical with the full facts of why Eskom is in so much trouble.
The activities for Green Week include a series of social, education and entertainment activities, including workshops, and presentations to raise awareness about the conservation of electricity and water.
There is no awareness among our youth about the need for conservation of electricity or fuel.
As a result, the conservation of electricity and water was the need of the hour." Meanwhile, My Qatar Annual Youth Forum on Environment and Sustainability has been concluded at Hilton Doha Hotel.
"In about two years there are going to be tough stipulations on the conservation of electricity and conservation of the environment.
This would result in huge conservation of electricity and lesser load on the cables," he added.
Conservation of electricity and gas is a must.Blackouts and brownouts are already common during peak times, andenergy subsidies represent an increasing cost for GCC governments.
to apply five projects aimed at the conservation of electricity and water, an
Summary: Algiers, June 15, 2010, SPA -- A Saudi delegation from the Ministry of Water and Electricity is participating in Arab Workshop on Conservation of Electricity Consumption currently in progress in Algiers under the auspices of Algerian Ministry of Energy and Mines and the Arab League.
The recycling enables a 97% conservation of electricity compared with the production of aluminum metal from bauxite.
In November 2007, the PSC approved a series of initial programs designed to encourage the conservation of electricity and natural gas, PSC spokesman Bethel said., the products will help you conserve resources through recycled materials, and achieve maximum energy efficiency through conservation of electricity and water.
The conference gave the conservation of electricity and water and the use of solar electricity as examples of such efforts.
The principal uses for the Greenfield Solar Mini Pivot are in crop areas that do not have developed rural electrical power, areas where the cost to run electrical power is prohibitive, and areas set aside for environmental conservation of electricity and fuel.
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