conservation of electricity

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the principle that the total electric charge of a system remains constant despite changes inside the system

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Summary: Algiers, June 15, 2010, SPA -- A Saudi delegation from the Ministry of Water and Electricity is participating in Arab Workshop on Conservation of Electricity Consumption currently in progress in Algiers under the auspices of Algerian Ministry of Energy and Mines and the Arab League.
The recycling enables a 97% conservation of electricity compared with the production of aluminum metal from bauxite.
Although the Arkansas Public Service Commission late last year approved a series of initial programs to encourage the conservation of electricity and natural gas, critics are skeptical that investor-owned utilities--IOUs--will push hard to persuade their customers to use less energy.
uk), the products will help you conserve resources through recycled materials, and achieve maximum energy efficiency through conservation of electricity and water.
The conference gave the conservation of electricity and water and the use of solar electricity as examples of such efforts.
The principal uses for the Greenfield Solar Mini Pivot are in crop areas that do not have developed rural electrical power, areas where the cost to run electrical power is prohibitive, and areas set aside for environmental conservation of electricity and fuel.
Curtailment refers to the targeted conservation of electricity when supplies are scarce and blackouts are imminent.
Los Angeles residents could help themselves, their city and their power-less fellow Californians by embracing a program of consistent conservation of electricity.
As a result, the Florida Reliability Coordinating Council, which serves as the security monitor for the state's electric grid, today issued a call for public conservation of electricity.
The Prime Minister emphasized that measures should be taken for the conservation of electricity in the country.
We have organised a significant number of specialised events held on the sidelines of Wetex, such as Green Week, which is being held for the first time from 14-20 April, to raise awareness of environmental sustainability and conservation of electricity and water.
To meet the requirements of the framework service providers will be expected to demonstrate extensive experience of design, project management, installation, operation and maintenance of energy infrastructure plant such as CHP, biomass, pyrolysis, chilling, district heating, lighting, insulation and similar facilities for the onsite generation and conservation of electricity, and production and transmission of steam, heat and chill
He said that in April this year, government after energy conference, had announced different measures for the conservation of electricity, but there was no talk about generation of electricity to run the wheel of the economy and to get rid the menace of load shedding.
The battery is relatively fightweight, allowing for a greater conservation of electricity by the vehicle when it is in use.
The Advisory was issued as a public, state-wide appeal for conservation of electricity due to the shutting down of the natural gas production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico.
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