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Synonyms for conserve

Synonyms for conserve

to protect (an asset) from loss or destruction

to use without wasting

to prepare (food) for storage and future use

Synonyms for conserve

keep constant through physical or chemical reactions or evolutionary change

Related Words

keep in safety and protect from harm, decay, loss, or destruction

use cautiously and frugally

preserve with sugar

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Estas industrias pretenden controlar la creacion artistica, a la que conciben como una variable cuantificable, reproducible y conservable. Gracias a los procedimientos de reproduccion industrial, estas industrias estan en condiciones de producir y distribuir las obras en funcion de las cambiantes leyes del mercado.
At a constant salinity, the calcium ion is generally conservable in the ocean, so [OMEGA] is predominantly determined by carbonate ion concentration.
DC: I guess what I'm getting at is--is there something inherently more valid or conservable in the 1937 grand building than there is in the kind of stark architecture of the Point--or is it all just on a continuum?
To be included in the study, each child had to be healthy, aged 6 to 8 years, cooperative with at least one ART conservable proximal carious lesion in a primary molar with no signs or symptoms of pain or mobility.
Procedure Size of tumour Site of tumour Utility Latissimus dorsi Any conservable Any, preferably Good myocutaneous flap size upper or lower outer quadrants Latissimus dorsi Any conservable Any, preferably Good myosubcutaneous size upper or lower miniflap outer quadrants Lateral adipose Any conservable Lateral aspect, Not clear tissue flap size 6-12 o'clock Table 2: Volume displacement techniques.