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having consequence

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During Friday's TV programme, Clerides went on to specify that he had told deputies during the session on some of the serious aspects of the case, which may have led to the financial meltdown, do not carry any criminal penalties and consequentially are not being investigated by police.
The cumulative effect of the above mentioned items has resulted in the company reporting a significant increase in direct costs and, consequentially, a gross loss of $168m (AED617m) from continuing operations, compared with a gross profit of $73.
Consequentially many of the largest players within home improvement are home paint manufacturers.
6bn over the last five years, which have consequentially hit local services here in RCT hard.
Natural lawyers employ this distinction to contrast consequentially comparable acts with different intentional structures.
Recently, exasperated by Air India's unending flight delays and very poor on-time performance (OTP), the Indian government passed an unprecedented order to deduct payment of any employee who reports late and consequentially forces a delayed take off.
The conviction and sentence of the appellant, consequentially, are hereby quashed," Justice Musa Mohammad said.
What remains to be seen is what impact the ongoing instability in the Middle East and recent weakness in oil prices will have on spending plans and, consequentially, pricing.
Having carefully analysed the public offer for shares in Club Med SA, and,in particular the company's valorisation level, Global Resorts SAS has decidednot to increase its bid, and consequentially intends to withdraw its offer,"financier Bonomi explained in a company statement.
Consequentially, the two meet as Evin(who was mistaken for a boy) steals from Siyar, their fates intertwining to form an unexpected bond.
Mandatory bid rules state that consequentially Gunvor must to make a public offer for the remaining stake and convertibles in Rorvik.
Consequentially, Monaco will be enjoying Champions League football in the upcoming term after having been just promoted to the French top-flight last season.
It will deliver a range of housing type to meet local needs and consequentially there will be additional demand for local services supporting local regeneration.
That chart is missing the last few days of 2013, which won't change the average consequentially.
She said PDMA is taking all the measures to increase the ability of managing disasters and managing training workshops and seminars for district government employees, so that the operational departments and organizations have efficient communications during disasters that will consequentially affect their proficiency.