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having consequence

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Consequentially, the programme will also provide employment as farms develop, increase the market value of local produce, and enhance the economic status of local communities.
By identifying gene-health connections, the program could consequentially advance disease screening, diagnosis, and prognosis and point the way toward more effective, personalized therapies.
We expect the coaches to act consequentially and to punish bad behaviour both on and off the field.
Perhaps more consequentially, one of the leading candidates in Brazil's presidential election campaign, Jose Serra, said ''it is undeniable that Chavez is sheltering these FARC'' militants.
Research carried out by theUniversity of Sheffield shows that a minimum price of 50p per unit would cut consumption and consequentially deaths, crimes and hospital admissions and reduce the economic burden.
The fact that there is no trust between Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and consequentially Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq is neither in Baghdad's interests nor is it in the interests of other Arab states.
The decision could trigger a potential influx of EUAs on the carbon markets and consequentially drive down prices, according to Emmanuel Fages at carbon project developer Orbeo.
Evolving evidence suggests that this is an underestimate and that consequentially it is of utmost importance that we minimize future exposures to asbestos as well as identify problems in those people who have previously been exposed.
Consequentially the initial cost of implementing a new IT system is often foremost in the customer's mind rather than the long-term implications.
00]--Represents the number of consequentially both non-rainy days in the collected data.
For that was the election that brought to Ottawa the "Three Wise Men" from Quebec--Jean Marchand, Gerard Pelletier and, most consequentially, Pierre Elliott Trudeau- who would be dominant players in Canadian politics through the 1970s and beyond.
Consequentially, as other areas of healthcare adopt new technologies to revolutionize treatment, behavioral healthcare providers usually don't catch on until years later.
it saves on travelling time, traffic congestion and consequentially causes less greenhouse gases.
Erickson ably presents his collective studies of the perspectives and paradigm which consequentially make up human beliefs and societal foundations.
Consequentially this has the effect of connecting the crimes of the state of Israel to the Jewish identity.