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Synonyms for consensus



Synonyms for consensus

the quality or condition of being in complete agreement or harmony

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agreement in the judgment or opinion reached by a group as a whole

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Meanwhile, leaders from different political parties expressed hope to bring a consensus candidate for the office of the Prime Minister.
The newly formed company will operate as Consensus Energy, and will be headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.
The modern secular notion of truth is left to the vagaries of a group consensus, and the consensus itself is in fact, often, the result of manipulation by society's power elites.
Health-care professionals can get a copy of the Goldman Consensus Statement through the Society's Professional Resource Center by e-mailing health prof_info@nmss.
Supposedly the Bush administration is being forced to catch up to the scientific consensus, but contrary to the media-created perception, there is no consensus.
The purpose of the meeting was to establish the five core courses in the Law Enforcement Curriculum, to develop a preliminary list of public safety standards, and to build consensus among high school educators.
A secondary goal of the EAH Consensus Development Conference was to prepare a statement that would serve to curtail the growing problem of EAH by disseminating the most current information to both medical personnel and the greater public on the prevalence, nature and treatment of this disorder.
I regard consensus science as an extremely pernicious development that ought to be stopped cold in its tracks.
Employee surveys not only demonstrate that management is listening, but also provide an effective opportunity to build consensus.
I have explained these conditions in my book Creative Fidelity, (1) and have also used a briefer formula to refer to the fulfillment of these conditions as "a consensus among Catholic bishops" (pages 104 and 106), and as an "ecclesial consensus" (page 106).
Although this consensus provides guidance, in part, on the financial statement treatment of amounts received by a customer, including a reseller (collectively, reseller) for cooperative advertising arrangements, it introduces a potential conflict between the EITF's and the IRS'S treatments of cooperative advertising allowances.
SIR - Ieuan Wyn Jones accuses those who identify in-migration as the main threat to the Welsh language of breaking the consensus on the language and of promoting division.
BEFORE THE STORM: Barry Goldwater and the Unmaking of the American Consensus By Rick Relstein Hill & Wang, $25.
The task before those who are concerned about the poor is how to evaluate the impact of the new system and to build public consensus about fairness and justice when the flaws in the current law become evident.
We will shift the dynamic from partisan political maneuvering for short term advantage to a bipartisan national dialogue to build consensus for lasting change.