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Consensual disposal may be appropriate where the registrant admits the facts of the allegation, the grounds of impairment and concedes that their fitness to practise is currently impaired.
Dubai: A lifeguard has been jailed for three months for having consensual sex with a woman, who claimed that he raped her shortly after she had slept with his roommate.
09 ( ANI ): A senior doctor on Thursday clarified that the medical reports of Bhopal gang-rape victim stating that she indulged in consensual sex with culprits was incorrect and has been rectified.
Consensual homosexual activity was for many years a criminal offence in Western Australia under various provisions of the Criminal Code Act 1913.
Glover said he and the woman had an affair years before the time of the charges - which the court heard the woman had confirmed to be true - and the sex was consensual.
NNA - "Future" bloc sternly prodded the Lebanese political parties to reach a new consensual vote law format, in order to avert falling into vacuum in the legislative authority.
Questioned by Dyfed Thomas, for the defence, the victim denied the intercourse was consensual.
The client, an Emirati businessman, and the Egyptian saleswoman have denied the charge of having consensual sex as they pleaded not guilty before the Dubai Misdemeanours Court.
6] The Court held further that criminalising consensual sex or sexual activity between adolescents aged 12-15 violated their rights to privacy, bodily integrity and dignity.
Police announced last March that they had introduced a "presumption against" consensual stop and search.
His statement, which suggests that underage rape cases are mostly cases of 'suka sama suka' (consensual) is both irresponsible and misleading as rape can never be consensual even if an underage girl does not explicitly say no, thus the term 'statutory rape', Sisters In Islam said in a statement.
Committee president Youssef Chahed said that this initiative recommends an urgent, consensual and lasting solution for the political crisis within the party which had impacted on the country's stability and the House of People's Representatives' work.
Skelzen Maliki, observer from Kosovo, considers that Macedonia missed the chance to become "Balkans' Belgium" but it might reach stability and development by consensual ruling between Macedonians and Albanians.
2] Despite these laws, many South African (SA) adolescents are engaging in consensual underage sex as evidenced by high rates of teenage pregnancy.
Dubai -- The Dubai Public Prosecution has charged an Arab woman, who claimed that she was raped, with consensual sex out of wedlock.
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