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Synonyms for conscript

to enroll compulsorily in military service

Synonyms for conscript

enroll into service compulsorily

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More than 1,800 conscripts, including over 20 young female volunteers, started service at different units of the Estonian Defense forces.
The judge released his pistol and shot the conscript, Mo'men, a graduate of the German University in Cairo, causing his instant death.
After a 24-hour stand-off and despite pleas by his father to give himself up, the conscript shot himself in the side, and was taken to a military hospital.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- More than 650 soldiers were subjected to ill treatment such as verbal insult, beating, excessive physical activity or disproportionate punishment during their compulsory military service last year in Turkey, according to a report from a civil society organization that tracks ill treatment of conscripts.
Cairo, October 04 (BNA) -Two army conscripts were killed, and one conscript and one officer were injured -- one of whom is in critical condition - in a drive-by shooting targeting a military armed personnel carrier (APC) on the highway connecting Cairo to the Suez Canal city of Ismailia, Ahram Online said.
She also provides an introduction with historical context for the diaries which includes discussion of the unpublished letters of Yehuda Burla, another Palestinian Jewish conscript who later became an award-winning Hebrew author.
As we conscript men and still remain a democracy, I fail to see why the introduction of conscription for women would lead to a police state.
The parody tells the story of hapless conscript Jean Valjean, or Airman 24601, who, because of the show shovelling, manages to spend only ten minutes with his visiting girlfriend Cosette.
In 2009, he had a book published, The Unknown Conscript, which was a novel based on his RAF experiences.
Unofficially, it was decided not to conscript black and Asian British men and to avoid possible civil unrest, Northern Ireland was also excluded.
It examines who is serving, looks at the experience of enlisted soldiers, and analyzes the efforts of authorities to improve the state of Russia's conscript force.
One Soldier's War is an excellent first person account of the war in Chechnya, as viewed by an 18-year-old Russian conscript.
In the 1950s, I served abroad in the Middle East in the army as a conscript.
Mr Jones said: "It is surprising that the contributions of so many conscript workers have never been recognised.
A Rapides newspaper claimed in 1862 that the parish had answered the call with more than 500 conscripts; the following year it added that "the conscript act means nothing to Rapides," as all the men in the parish had already joined the war effort.