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acceptable to your conscience

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Thus, although a claim under the Family Provision Act is to be distinguished from one for a constructive trust or equitable estoppel and some different considerations apply (including in particular the interests of beneficiaries under the Will, and other eligible persons) [Vigolo v Bostin, [76]-[78]], nonetheless the conclusions expressed above as to the requirements in the circumstances of conscionable behaviour are highly relevant also to what is proper provision for the Plaintiff [cf Lewis v Lewis [2001] nswsc 321, [76]].
otherwise [have been] conscionable under [state] law.
There are patriotic and conscionable elements in media, who comprehend the issues in their true perspective and dispel the impression of present state of despondency, conspiracy theories and misperceptions.
It is time for the Palestinians to call a spade a spade, and take her case against Israel to the International Criminal Court and let the conscionable people around the world say in unison, enough with Israel, it is time to dump her and punish her leaders for committing unfathomed crimes against humanity.
Using Turkey's religious makeup as an argument against membership is neither realistic nor conscionable," he said.
decide whether the term is sufficiently conscionable to warrant
One of the most important aspects of consumer law is that all suppliers of goods and services act in a conscionable manner.
Personally, I don't think it's conscionable to tell people what they must or must not do with their own dogs, or to disparage them for the choices they make.
The proper and only conscionable way to deal with these types of inmates is to give them the treatment and help they so desperately need and deserve.
Even if all three prongs are not met, such a result would not necessarily warrant the conclusion that a particular clause is conscionable.
Though women, of course, can have babies--if that's even conscionable now, what with climate change and .
Neither limited air strikes on key facilities nor a full-scale ground invasion are justified or conscionable.
YOUR correspondent Alan Marsden (Views of the North, January 20), asked "why it is conscionable to build an island in the Thames estuary to create a hub airport but unthinkable to develop a hub airport in the North".
Devise matter against him, you cannot iustly taxe him for any enormitie; whether it be for not observing the Canons, or any temporall, or Ecclesiasticall Law, or in regard of the faithfull, and conscionable discharge of his calling, as the Lawes of God and man enioyne him: or in regard of his life and conversation.
N Human Rights Committee, the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Against Women, the Committee Against Torture, the Committee on the Rights of the Child, the International Court of Justice', and every conscionable citizen on the planet.