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(anthropology) related by blood

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Relatives with first degree of consanguinity, or relationship by blood, are parents and children while grandparents, brothers or sisters, and grandchildren fall within the second degree.
Pimentel, sought for comment, said he supports the prohibition of relatives beyond the second degree of consanguinity, but thumbed down the Con-Com's use of the term "regulate.
Because of the complexity of the issue, the committee also deferred voting on whether relatives of incumbent officials up to second degree of consanguinity and affinity will be allowed to simultaneously run or hold multiple positions.
The provision covers relatives within the second degree of consanguinity or affinity.
In Florida, marriage or sexual intercourse "with a person to whom he or she is related by lineal consanguinity, or a brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew, or niece, commits incest, constitutes a felony of the third degree, punishable.
While some of these are due to poor maternal health linked to poverty, exposure to pesticides and certain medications which can cause chromosomal aberrations, the major cause is linked to consanguinity when parents are related by blood.
New analysis suggests that consanguinity - couples sharing a similar ancestor within the same culture - is making it more difficult to have children, said IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic on Tuesday.
The link between parental consanguinity (marriage between relatives, typically cousins) and the increased incidences of autosomal recessive genetic disorders, thalassemia, for example, is well established.
Gkiak, in the language of the Arvanites, means blood, consanguinity, vendetta, revenge and race.
Additionally couples in the region believed that parental consanguinity had no real impact on infertility.
The law exempts PWDs from paying the value added tax (VAT) and gives tax incentives to persons with PWD dependents, up to fourth civil degree of consanguinity or affinity.
She is mainly involved in research on human genetic disorders, genetic diversity in North Africa and the impact of consanguinity on health.
The official underlined that the year 2017 had been named as year of convergence by Ilham Aliyev, adding, "In collaboration with the Islamic Republic of Iran, we seek to implement plans to bring about more consanguinity.
These are the higher prevalence of Consanguinity (marrying of first- or second-degree cousins), Vitamin D deficiency and Obesity.
The gestational age and weight, family history of eye diseases, consanguinity, any accompanying neurological diseases, and presence of other sensory disabilities such as deafness and speech disability were recorded.