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Synonyms for conquerable

subject to being conquered or overcome

capable of being surmounted or excelled


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Ducky, his face half-illuminated by the overheard projector, had the sanguine expression of someone grappling with a difficult, conquerable thing.
It was characterized by despotism and resistance to progress; and since the Orient's value was judged in terms of, and in comparison to the West, it was always the "Other", the conquerable and the inferior.
Here, Surridge suggests, we are invited to police the private with Holmes and to see the non-normative as conquerable.
First, as we have seen, Mary's awe-inspiring effect on the speaker as an apparent model of ideal womanhood--saintly, unattainable, and chaste--is countered by his reconfiguration of her as an errant and conquerable Eve.
He'd find four and a half miles around Aintree a far more conquerable stamina test than three and a quarter at Cheltenham.
Counselors can present weaknesses or areas for improvement as conquerable challenges that can be mastered (Silverman, 1989; Whitmore & Maker, 1985).
When infatuation and passion are central, a couple "madly in love" perceives the entire world as a perfect paradise, one that is completely predictable and conquerable.
Like nature, the machine was a "she," threatening, but conquerable by force of masculine reason and muscle.
If health, so defined, is deemed normal and achievable, then all disease, aging, unhappiness, and even death are unnatural and perhaps conquerable.