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Synonyms for conquerable

subject to being conquered or overcome

capable of being surmounted or excelled


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Since the general tenor of their observations was that the Promised Land looked fine, but might not be conquerable, it makes sense for the editorial comment to highlight this point.
Like Conrad, Dostoyevsky deposits intangible dangers into a conquerable villain, creating an apparitional sort of revenge that verges on a ghost story.
Information technology has a conquerable figure in uniting of productive firm in vast productive systems.
I got back on my board, paddled out, and rode a wave all the way in, the rush of the ocean beneath me smooth, fast, and fierce--but conquerable.
At a time when AIDS sometimes seems a distant and conquerable threat in the United States, France finishes with a reminder, in keeping with ACT UP's mission, that 5,500 still die every day (that's four every minute) because they cannot afford the very drugs heralded as saviors.
These works responded to the trauma of colonisation by eradicating it from the national consciousness and replacing it with another easily conquerable and far less violent conflict; that of the white settler against the new and imposing landscape.
Lyme disease can be dangerous, but at the same time is very much conquerable.
The challenge posed by smaller orthopedic implants and components is easily conquerable compared with the more complex mix of increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and pricing pressure.
3 Science, suggests that there are inherited but conquerable risk factors involved in drug dependency.
workload, cognitive demands) may also tap into employees' energy, but are conquerable and add to employees' development, goal achievement and need satisfaction.
When alone, Tere feels conquerable, but being with Irma grants her a sense of agency that she feels unable to assert on her own.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be quite the drain on one's life but it's conquerable.
All three giants would have to face enormous challenges that Apple has already thrown at them, none of which is easily conquerable.
Guided by the assignment, we established a trajectory, and, as a result, revising our papers felt like a worthwhile and conquerable task.