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By contrast, many parasites from the gamma irradiated tachyzoites were deterimentally affected with several ultrastructural changes as there was an extrusion of the conoid, which significantly changed the appearance of the apical region.
It involves not only specialized secretory organelles, such as rhoptries and micronemes, but also a complex cytoskeletal component known as conoid which is involved in the process of infection of vertebrate cells (Dobrowolski et al.
The fan vault as a critically slim conoid skin distributes self loads throughout its rotated curved surface as structure, and is without the concentrated load patterns of ribbed geometry found in Gothic architecture.
In addition to the two discussed above, these include On Conoids and Spheroids, On Spirals, and On the Quadrature of the Parabola.
Hysterosomal shield smooth; sternum 1 (st1) not bifid posteriorly; coxal discs (di1, di2) conoids .