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the tiny fossil cone-shaped tooth of a primitive vertebrate of order Conodonta

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small (2 inches long) extinct eellike fish with a finned tail and a notochord and having cone-shaped teeth containing cellular bone

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This study considers [delta][.sup.13][] values and their variations in conodont elements of the latest Famennian-Tournaisian species Polygnathus parapetus Druce.
Conodont elements were studied from the Kamenka River section in the southern part of the Pechora Swell (northern Cis-Urals, N 65[degrees]04'27.4", E 56[degrees]42'50.9") (Fig.
Conodont elements contained in this biozone were assigned to the following: Hindeodus minutes, Hideodus excavatus, Sweetognathus whitei, Hindeodella triassic and Neostreptognathodus pequopensis.
Conodont elements contained in this biozone were identified as follows: Merrillina divergens, Hindeodella triassic, Hideodus excavates.
The team discovered that conodont elements are the sharpest dental structures ever measured.
Many conodont elements formed notched blades, similar to the cheek teeth of modern mammal carnivores like cats and dogs.
occur in the highest sample of the Wink Member that yielded conodont elements, 11,910 feet.
Alternation of bleaching and Stoddard's solvents was the most effective in breaking down the rock, but the sparse conodont elements were badly broken as a result of such processing.
Such a conclusion is also supported by a great number of redeposited conodont elements in the deposits of the Leetse Formation in the Pakri Cape section (Lofgren et al.
Distribution of conodont elements in samples from the Anikaitse and Hulge cliffs Species ANIKAITSE Sample number/weight (g) Element 1/3080 2/1210 Ctenognathodus sp.
The acid-resistant residues were washed through a 0.063-mm sieve, after which all conodont elements [greater than or equal to] 0.063 mm were electrostatically hand-picked and sorted into microfossil slides under a binocular microscope.
Zhuravlev & Sapega (2007) showed that those chemical differences result in slightly different lattice parameter values for lamellar and white type tissues of conodont elements.
The conodont elements from the eleven samples of the Laanemetsa-70 core are rather poorly preserved, many specimens are corroded and broken (Fig.