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of or relating to a connotation

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5] But, while linking the mother to Ramses II seems to release her from being the feminized object of white masculine authority, there is some indication that Douglass's notion of Ramses II may well have been connotative of femininity.
For oddly enough, despite the busy burrowings of the homotextualists, little in Crane's poetry seems related to, or even connotative of, his personal sexual nature.
His remark drew criticism from China as the term was connotative of Japanese wartime imperialism.
First, if God were to separate, per potentiam divinam, a matter-soul composite from the organic dispositions through which it happens to operate, and preserve it separately, only on the substantial term view could "animal" be truly predicated of the remaining composite; whereas if it were a term connotative of the qualitative dispositions through which the soul happens to operate, or of the soul conceived as an entirety, it would not be true to say of the remaining composite that it is an animal (QDA 2.
Here the homogeneity principle no longer applies, because if "animal" is connotative of the animal taken as a whole, it cannot be predicated of each of its quantitative parts prior to their actual physical division: by "whole being" Buridan understands "that which is a being and not part of another being," and by "whole substance," "that which is a substance and not part of another substance" (QDA 2.