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Synonyms for connotative

tending to bring a memory, mood, or image, for example, subtly or indirectly to mind

Antonyms for connotative

having the power of implying or suggesting something in addition to what is explicit

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To be sure, there is not a unified practice theory, but there is consensus on a need to shift the collectivist thinking of the past to "practical reasoning," that is, a philosophical concept of framing action as purposeful and connotative experience arising from analogic, symbolic reasoning (Bauman, Z.
Khalid Ayaz Khan: I think both have equal denotative and connotative inter-dependence in bringing success in an individual's life but without hard work success would be bereft of solid footing and sustainability.
The prevalence of descriptive meaning focuses on the "relationship between a linguistic unit (especially a lexical item) and the non-linguistic entities to which it refers", while the prevalence of expressive meaning (characteristic of so-called connotative diminutives and augmentatives) brings to the fore "the emotional associations (personal or communal) which are suggested by, or are part of the meaning of, a linguistic unit, especially a lexical item" (Crystal 1997: 82-83).
Several characters' names, in addition to particularizing the characters, have significant semantic, pragmatic, connotative and symbolic value that should be understood in the view of the entire structure of a specific literary work.
Instead, he argues that applying the system of connotative semiotics to Tantric scriptures enables scholars to "address the fundamental question of their meaning(s) and, on this basis, reconstruct the social contexts that created and sustained them" (107).
Traditionally, meaningfulness of stimuli has been defined in terms of their denotative and connotative properties.
Another Yemeni taboo word like Yebul (piss in English) or (shash taboo word in Persian) translated from Yemeni word (Yereqalma'a euphemised by construction (to spill water) and (urinate in English) to (edrar euphemized by connotative meaning bul (loan) and pishab (informal) in Persian).
The paper applies what the author calls a connotative semiotics framework to underpin and explain the semiotic import of verbal and visual signs in GSM advertisements.
Voulkos's choice of a dark-blue salt glaze in this work is connotative of old New England crockery.
Much of the strength of this music is in the instrumental sections, which are numerous, where even the vocals convey sounds and feelings more often than words, and where sometimes the words aren't even in English, placing a connotative interpretation out of reach for most listeners.
Yeats's poetic symbols, both philosophically meaningful and emotionally connotative, reveal the power of his mythology.
Post-colonial discourse must also see to it that the naming of these products makes it clear that they are legitimate expressions of human creativity and production, distinct and different from but equal to any and all of their counterparts across the globe, and that we remove any lingering demeaning denotative or connotative features.
Over 50 years ago, psychologist Charles Osgood developed an influential method, known as the 'semantic differential', which attempts to measure the connotative, emotional meaning of a word or concept.
It is not possible to examine whether Lien and Mian-tzu did carry clear-cut differentiated connotative meanings in the 1940s as there appears not to have been any second publication touching upon this issue.