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Synonyms for connotation

Synonyms for connotation

something, such as a feeling, thought, or idea, associated in one's mind or imagination with a specific person or thing

Synonyms for connotation

what you must know in order to determine the reference of an expression

an idea that is implied or suggested

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Nuttiness and foolishness notwithstanding, the board held that the appearance and primary connotation and commercial impression of Nutty Brewnette suggested a nutty-flavored type of beer.
In other words, the writer is suggesting, obliquely, that there is slight tinge, or connotation, of intrusiveness surrounding attentive.
He pays specific attention to the relationship between the concept of social exclusion and poverty, making the point that social exclusion has a broader connotation since people who are not poor are sometimes excluded from mainstream society.
According to the author, "hawala" means to change or transform, and also carries a connotation of trust.
It implies applied research and it also has a university connotation," says Gibbons.
The "OK" sign commonly used in the United States and the United Kingdom (thumb and index finger forming a circle and the other fingers raised) means zero in France, is a symbol for money in Japan, and carries a vulgar connotation in Brazil.
Because "job placement" carries a negative, patronizing connotation for persons with disabilities (Greenwood, 1982) and denotes a directional relationship or a linear "from-to" concept that implies that the counselor retains the power over individuals with disabilities to put them into jobs, it is proposed that this term should be replaced by a more appropriate phrase.
The position used to be controller, so now it has a broader context than strictly 'controller' which has a debit/credit accounting connotation to it.
Thomson & Thomson, a leading trademark and copyright research firm, has introduced Connotation Check and Connotation Evaluation, two unique products designed to enhance its line of international trademark research services.
Barrio' tends to have a negative connotation," says Yahoo
STUDENTS OFTEN have a difficult time understanding the concept of connotation or connotative value.
Barcodes are rich in connotation, full of political and social associations.
Focusing on the concept of Heavy Work Investment, in both its positive connotation as devotion to work, and its negative connotation as workaholism editors Itzhak Harper and Raphael Snir expand upon Snir's earlier theoretical work with the HWI model.
Co-ordinator Jeff Dunn said: "The idea is that obesity has a negative connotation behind it.
The reason for this unnecessary change was that residents were being harassed because of the negative connotation the word gay has in their community