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Synonyms for connotation

Synonyms for connotation

something, such as a feeling, thought, or idea, associated in one's mind or imagination with a specific person or thing

Synonyms for connotation

what you must know in order to determine the reference of an expression

an idea that is implied or suggested

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3] suggests that warm in connection with clothing calls forth the idea, connotation, of bulkiness.
The most common reasons for people saying that they work in finance rather than accounting have to do with the positive connotations that respondents have of finance and the negative connotations they have of accounting:
With our new Connotation Services, we are leveraging our intellectual property expertise and exhaustive worldwide trademark research to make sure our clients have all the information they need for successful global branding.
I begin by explaining how a word's connotation is developed through real and vicarious experiences of the word's referent and the associations linked to it.
Then there are the names that carry negative connotations or prove embarrassing.
It mentions layers of meaning, connotation, denotation, Christological meaning, and Christian anthropology.
Isn't it funny that my connotation of abnormal is that it is not OK?
He admits, however, that he didn't think of the adultmovie connotation of XXXX.
Louis Toodle-oo," "Black Beauty," and "Mood Indigo"--great examples of "jungle music" that make clear why the term jazz once had an overtly sexual connotation.
The term instantly grabs the attention of males ages 18-48, who are well versed with the connotation of the expression and yet will receive a completely fresh and stimulating experience of the "hot mom" icon.
I think the connotation of what I was trying to describe was taken out of context.
As well as providing a powerful viewing seat for GIS data, GTSmartClient will also provide a new channel for quickly creating and sharing information such as redlines, notes, or any other data with a geospatial connotation.
Affordable housing has unfortunately a certain negative connotation.
asap, pronounced "a-s-a-p," carries the connotation of "as soon as possible" and is a play on the initials "AP.
Using playing-card figures in place of funerary inscriptions, Vercruysse reinforces the sense and connotation of heraldic insignia.