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Synonyms for connive

connive at something


Synonyms for connive

to work out a secret plan to achieve an evil or illegal end

connive at: to pretend not to see

Synonyms for connive

encourage or assent to illegally or criminally

form intrigues (for) in an underhand manner

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Job Trotter briefly explained here, that all persons, being prohibited under heavy penalties from conveying spirits into debtors' prisons, and such commodities being highly prized by the ladies and gentlemen confined therein, it had occurred to some speculative turnkey to connive, for certain lucrative considerations, at two or three prisoners retailing the favourite article of gin, for their own profit and advantage.
Well, now, to continue our supposititious case, the couple--not necessarily a guilty couple--realize after the murderer is gone that they have placed themselves in a position in which it may be difficult for them to prove that they did not themselves either do the deed or connive at it.
Tanith Lee's story follows a kitchen wench as she connives her way into the hills in pursuit of the dragon she knows she will marry.
As KAOS connives to steal the Inthermo, many key supporting players emerge to either help or thwart the plan.
The spotlight-hogging female who connives to hide her ambition behind a mask of perkiness is much more irresistible as a villain than the established, successful, calculating male CEO.