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Synonyms for connivance

Synonyms for connivance

a secret plan to achieve an evil or illegal end

Synonyms for connivance

agreement on a secret plot


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(law) tacit approval of someone's wrongdoing

References in classic literature ?
Athos, fearing lest he should be suspected of connivance with some of his compatriots, remained outside the tent.
It was the kind of masculine solidarity that he himself often practised; now he sickened at their connivance.
And the dear girl makes me this generous offer from under the same John Jarndyce's roof, and with the same John Jarndyce's gracious consent and connivance, I dare say, as a new means of buying me off.
I think that it was with the connivance of one or more of the men at the gate.
Through the connivance of the police and the authorities, it was given out to the world as heart disease.
I know not what other word they may have understood it by since, but he was one who by connivance was admitted to go abroad every evening, when he played his pranks, and furnished those honest people they call thief-catchers with business to find out the next day, and restore for a reward what they had stolen the evening before.
Still, if her father really has left her, without any connivance on her part - Bounderby, let me have a word with you.
When the jealous and niggardly policy of their British sovereign denied them even that humblest of requests, and instead of liberty would barely consent to promise connivance, neither he nor they might be aware that they were laying the foundations of a power, and that he was sowing the seeds of a spirit, which, in less than two hundred years, would stagger the throne of his descendants, and shake his united kingdoms to the centre.
With the connivance and assistance of his wife he disguised himself, covered those keen eyes with tinted glasses, masked the face with a moustache and a pair of bushy whiskers, sunk that clear voice into an insinuating whisper, and doubly secure on account of the girl's short sight, he appears as Mr.
I do not believe either in the guilt or in the connivance of my concierges, though I cannot understand what they were doing in the park at that late hour of the night.
Rubelle's connivance and interest in the conspiracy, and we are therefore not certain that the date has been impressed on her mind, as it has been assuredly impressed on the minds of Sir Percival and the Count.
John Douglas himself could be, and the balance of probability was that with the connivance of his wife and his friend he was concealed in a house which had such conveniences for a fugitive, and awaiting quieter times when he could make his final escape.
However, accused Jameel Ahmad Jan, being Importer, in connivance with officials of Custom Dry Port, Peshawar and JS Bank Karachi planned to clear 1450 x construction machinery illegally and in violation of applicable rules.
It stated that Jameel Ahmad, being importer, in connivance with officials of the Customs Dry Port, Peshawar and JS Bank Karachi planned to clear construction machinery illegally and in violation of applicable rules.
The cases included illegal commercialisation of properties through unjustified means with the alleged connivance of LDA officers and officials, whereas, some culprits have been arrested by NAB in this regard.