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Synonyms for connectional

of, relating to, or tending to produce combination

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Many of our members feel quite strongly that through services to Crewe would provide not only better connections to London via the Trent Valley than via the West Midlands but also open up many connectional opportunities across a wide area currently constrained by long waits at Shrewsbury and further changes en route.
Be it Protestant or Catholic, Reformed or Evangelical, Congregational or Connectional, they all have certain theological differences and doctrines within their particular belief systems.
No break of outward journey is permitted other than for connectional purposes.
Significantly, while the AME Church built its educational support to 11 colleges and normal schools with about 2,000 students by 1886, the AME Church Connectional Sunday School Union supported the teaching of 200,000 students (Williams 49).
Bidders will be required to develop services to assist elderly and disabled passengers and to "develop innovations, including technological, to offer reassurance to passengers about connectional information.
It is readily accessible from every Yorkshire town and city and also from Manchester, which holds the national connectional archives for Methodism.
Connectional power refers to the implied ability of a leader to influence based on the leader's connection to more formal or respected sources of power.
In that same address, he proposed a men's service league that would reach out to men, render community service, and promote social service on a national connectional basis.
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