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a rod that transmits motion (especially one that connects a rotating wheel to a reciprocating shaft)

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In operation, the connecting rod is subjected to dynamic inertia loads it must be adequately rigid and light in weight as well.
Rajkot, Gujarat India), a manufacturer of connecting rods for automotive and other applications.
The connecting rod system was acted by a three-phase motor AC power of 25 kW with constant speed 1500 [rpm], through a variator with friction, so that at the level of the connecting rod, there could be realised the variable speed in range 60-240 [rpm].
Objective of the optimization task was to minimize the mass of the connecting rod under the effect of a load range comprising the two extreme loads, the peak compressive gas load, such that the maximum, minimum, and the equivalent stress amplitude are within the limits of the allowable stresses.
The connecting rod is one of the engine parts most commonly linked to engine combustion and failure.
Specifically designed for ultra clean applications, the PCM Pompes H Series of pumps includes two new features - a flexible connecting rod and a mechanical seal that is specially designed for cleaning in place.
The fracture splitting method is an innovative processing technique in the field of the automobile engine connecting rod (con/rod) manufacturing.
Abstract: In this paper we make a comparison study between the field of the transversal displacements of a connecting rod (of bar type) part of a mechanism R (RRT), kinematic element that has linear viscoelastic behavior, which is in aleatory vibrations, with the field of the transversal displacements for the same bar, but in rest, considered simply leaning.
3 mm and redesigned the connecting rod and crankshaft to accommodate smaller journal sizes as a result of the bearing diameter changes.
DynaProbe is a non-intrusive, predictive maintenance tool designed for spark ignited and diesel engine mechanics to easily and accurately measure power cylinder condition and wear--liners, rings, heads, valves, wrist pin and connecting rod clearances (wear and trend), cylinder leakage rates and blow-by.
0 minute in cycle time from a connecting rod drilling operation, a major aerospace job shop now saves nearly $50,000 annually.
Depending on requirements, designers can also specify two hygienic drive options - a flexible connecting rod or a simpler open-pin joint design that does not make use of a spring retainer.
GKN's plan to remain a world leader in powder metallurgy was given another boost yesterday with the acquisition of Borg-Warner Automotive's precision forged powder metal connecting rod business in the US.
After that achievement, an important question naturally followed: "If a connecting rod could be made from ductile iron, what else could be done?