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a flight with an intermediate stop and a change of aircraft (possibly a change of airlines)

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BBC correspondent Ben Ando said Ms Sutton arrived at Ataturk Airport on a flight from London on Saturday and had a two-hour wait for a connecting flight, which she apparently missed.
A passenger who raised a ruckus at the Abu Dhabi International Airport as he missed his connecting flight to India has been arrested.
Siegfried Hagleitner, 75, arrived in ystanbul from Ljubljana on a Turkish Airlines (THY) flight and was set to continue to Jeddah on a connecting flight.
When arriving at their departure SNCF TGV train station, MAS passengers can check-in to their final destination, counting on their MAS connecting flight at CDG airport.
From Sydney, she took a connecting flight to Cairns.
This is not only a superficial addition as cooperating airlines also strive to synchronize their schedules and coordinate luggage handling, which makes transfers between connecting flights less time-consuming.
Barry and 40 other rugby fans of all nationalities were meant to catch a connecting flight with Cathay Pacific, but the flight was cancelled due to engine problems.
5 million flight plan changes every month and: "ensure smooth connecting flights between Lufthansa and its codeshare partners".
They were in Singapore on Thursday morning, and were to catch a connecting flight to Mumbai, when they learned of the attacks.
The rules say duty-free goods bought outside the EU should be confiscated if passengers land in the EU then catch a connecting flight to another EU country.
They flew from Dublin to London on Thursday afternoon but yesterday still hadn't been able to catch a connecting flight to their home in New Zealand.
You leave Lexington and land in Atlanta with just enough time to grab a meal before catching your connecting flight to D.
The former Everton boss was dashing through the airport trying to catch a connecting flight during a three flight trip t o Moldova to watch their dour goalless draw against Norway.
31, however, the company will add another non-stop connecting flight to its Thunder Bay-Toronto schedule, bringing the total number of flights to 18 per week.
The 45-year-old Sudanese-born suspect was held at Heathrow airport on his way to boarding a connecting flight to Dubai.