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the inedible nutlike seed of the horse chestnut

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Conker devices are now able to integrate with ProGlove's wearable scanners.
And chewing a conker - or its shell - can release a potentially fatal toxin called aesculin which is found in all parts of the horse chestnut tree.
The hot weather and a drought this summer have affected conker numbers, and recent strong winds have blown tens of thousands down before they have fully grown.
There's nothing better than ripping off the prickly green shell and polishing what you find underneath for the perfect conker.
In 2017, the first sightings of a ripe conker in the South East were on July 17 in Buckinghamshire, August 5 in Oxfordshire and August 9 in East Sussex.
DURING the past couple of weeks I've seen lots of families gathering around horse chestnut trees looking for 'conkers' that have fallen to the ground.
In the controversial conker article, headlined Bonkers Head Bans Conkers, he said: "There is a place for horse chestnuts."
Dr Evans co-founded the Conker Science website with Dr Michael Pocock, researcher at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, to help track the spread of the leaf miner moth.
Conker hunting and conker fights are a popular autumn past-time and every family has a place they love to revisit each year to collect them - either to keep out spiders, have conker competitions, or both.
Drill or pierce a hole through the conker and thread through a piece of string, knotting it to ensure it is secure.
With Procter's Pest-Stop Spider & Bug Vacuum, you won't have to resort to conkers, chemical sprays, rolled up newspapers or the old-fashioned and tricky 'glass and a piece of paper' to deal with them.
The 2010 Bardon Mill and Roman Empire conker championships in Northumberland were nearly scuppered when a dry summer stunted the growth of the horse chestnut harvest.
The poor old conker has taken quite a battering lately.
CONKER enthusiasts had a smashing time at Liverpool's 16th conker championships.
I'VE been gathering conkers. This is not a return to the conker wars of my youth but a desperate attempt to keep spiders out of my house.