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This is several years too late, assert critics who point to the board's history of unreliability, its faulty bulbs, cramped figures and shabby outlook, its tendency to freeze at key moments or spout gibberish, conk out or fail to start as a convincing body of evidence that it should have been trashed long ago.
Foot stated he will not "conk out" until he sees Plymouth play in the Premier League.
Remember, in the desert the fan can conk out if the temperature goes above 120[degrees]F.
But judging by their ineptitude, I reckon that's only because they were busy watching big Fred conk out on Corrie.
Now Zola, 36, has been presented with a repair bill of up to pounds 3,000 after the blunder caused his motor to conk out.
A GROUP of pupils at a Rugby school were determined not to conk out in their quest for a smashing way to raise money for a good cause.
They divide 20 times, or 50 times, but eventually they conk out. You grow cancer cells, and they...just keep replicating forever.