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Robertson said last night: "We know that he is planning to do the usual Grand Committee conjuring trick and produce something out of a hat.
And the Tories have been playing the same conjuring trick with the Health Service.
Labour's pledge came during a debate in which he laid into the Tories for "cheating the public with their conjuring trick Budget".
On their first album in 10 years, recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios outside Bath, the-four piece - Sade with Stuart Matthewman on guitar and sax, Andrew Hale on assorted keyboard wizardry and Paul Denman on bass - perform the perfect conjuring trick, weaving synthetic squiggles, electro beats and martial drumming into the title character's songs.
Best known for his conjuring trick with snakes, rather than rabbits, he is undoubtedly the best-known Welshman internationally, and his feast day is one of the biggest celebrations worldwide.
Labour's Shadow Scottish Secretary George Robertson said the "conjuring trick" was "a cynical face- saving exercise".
You often hear of "magical holidays", but this was a conjuring trick which defied even that description.
Mr Duncan Smith was also attacked yesterday for playing a cynical "conjuring trick" on the public.
ARTISTS who use paint like a sleight of hand conjuring trick feature in The Bluecoat's new exhibition.
On one hand, she says, he "adored parties and gathering his friends together There was a wonderful conjuring trick he did with a top hat.
IF BERNIE Madoff has to do 150 years of porridge after being found guilty of running a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme, then all the executives of financial institutions and investment bankers that used practically the same conjuring trick, netting umpteen billions in profits and bonuses while reducing the global economy to ashes, should be made to endure the same fate if true justice is to be served.
Not a conjuring trick with bones, but the key to real life for people 2,000 years later.
Obama will soon find that presidential powers are like those of the magician in the Wizard of Oz - great at first appearance but once the curtain is pulled back they are revealed as little more than a clever conjuring trick.
And how will Boeing pull off this apparent conjuring trick? It's simple, really: the Dreamliner is being manufactured and sub-assembled by a globally dispersed collaborative supply chain and then shipped to Boeing in Seattle for final assembly.
But whether or not Smith pulls of the sort of conjuring trick of which Merlin would have been proud, there is a greater realistic hope for a brighter future.