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Synonyms for conjure


conjure something up


Synonyms for conjure

to make an earnest or urgent request

Synonyms for conjure

ask for or request earnestly

engage in plotting or enter into a conspiracy, swear together

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Although Chesnutt reproduces the genre of plantation fiction in The Conjure Woman, he does so upon the "other side" of popular racial representations.
Meanwhile, Ludacris' commercial for Conjure, shows more of a lounge setting, as Ludacris is surrounded by beautiful women while drinking the cognac.
After admitting to no less than 72 interdictions plus a few other small superstitions and describing Calango-Frito as a place where conjuring and magical beliefs were widespread even among children, the narrator reaffirms he adamantly refused to believe in conjure men: "but, no, not conjure men" (225).
Of course, Conjure is by nature difficult to trace historically, since it is usually the ephemeral action of charismatic individuals.
The cyclones depicted, the text continues, either "retreat into deep space" or "project off the surface," and Salle is indeed at pains here to conjure perspectival back-and-forth.
Each breathtaking, patiently hand-drawn, burnt-edge page features pictures and symbols to conjure evil (dead) up in your neighborhood.
But Eisenman was adamant in his argument that the Field of Stelae is intended to conjure 'the unforgettable', while the underground information centre (the Ort der Information) is there to record the 'memorable'; it has for instance direct computer links to the Israeli database on all known murdered Jews.
Though his storytelling and logic could often use refinement, and despite his unfortunate tendency to meander off topic, Wild does conjure up some eye-opening trivia on the coffee manufacturing process, and there is merit to his claim that Third World farmers are facing a raw deal in part because of free trades unintended consequences.
In Mettler's films, images conjure much more than they represent.
In Mama Day, everyone on the island of Willow Springs knows the other place--its name, its location, the history of its ownership, its liminality--but no one knows the name of the powerful conjure woman who made the other place a "magic circle," not even Mama Day, her direct descendant.
But is it too much to ask that some good Catholics come up with some good, clean Catholic jokes that don't conjure images of Far Side-esque nerds cracking jokes about the real meaning of E=m[c.
She could transform herself into a teddy bear, conjure up visions of herself in red, or wish herself into the glitzy, 1950s and 60s with their Pop Art Thunderbirds and Chevys.
Several of the remaining pieces conjure up yuletide, including Liszt's original compositions "Scherzoso" (a musical depiction of lighting candles on the Christmas tree) and two works about bells and chimes.
Another holiday party favorite, punch is sure to conjure up days gone by reminiscent of cut glass bowls and ladles filled with frothy, sliced fruit-topped potions, spiked and unspiked.