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Synonyms for conjure


conjure something up


Synonyms for conjure

to make an earnest or urgent request

Synonyms for conjure

ask for or request earnestly

engage in plotting or enter into a conspiracy, swear together

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An intimacy with the woods and a knowledge of ecological relationships run through "Po' Sandy" and the rest of the stories in The Conjure Woman.
Wheatstraw attributes these natural and supernatural talents with being born "'a seventh son of a seventh son'"--which, according to African American folk beliefs, becomes a "sign of special supernatural or conjure powers" (Schrager 569).
Wrapped around the gallery in continuous segments, 135 pale blue polystyrene sheets bear elaborately hollowed-out forms that conjure everything from urban topographies to geological formations, from computer circuitry to imprints left by unidentifiable consumer goods, from archaeological sites to futuristic structures.
A: THERE are rules about what you can conjure and what you can't.
This paradigm of cultural resurgence is, of course, Loomis, who recognizes Bynum's negotiation with the ideology that enthralls and exploits people of African descent and who lashes out at the conjure man's effort to bind him as he was bound to Joe Turner's chain gang for seven years: "...Harold Loomis ain't for no binding" (91).
We're all used to the idea that painting and drawing conjure a private world, but Berkenblit takes the idea more seriously than most.
This reorganization of Chesnutt's ceuvre produces some interesting possibilities: Instead of treating the problematic handful of seven stories called The Conjure Woman (the title and organization of which owe more to Page's literary sensibility than to Chesnutt's), Duncan devotes a chapter to seventeen stories, written over a forty-year period, that feature overlapping performances by two rival narrators.
Molecules shaped like spheres conjure up images of microscopic ball bearings that can reduce friction between tiny moving components.
When Arthur Flowers' conjure man walks out of a sort of Rastifarian woodland to ask a married woman to let him court her, the blend of modern images and language achieves the sense of life's ineffable wonder that recalls Jean Toomer's Cane.
In her collection Conjure Blues she protects us from loss and extends memory by practicing the rituals that are part of our blood and ancestry.
But rather than convey a monumental solidity, these photographs conjure an unstable landscape of possible readings and associations, as if divining signs in the entrails of cast-off buildings.
It also helps illustrate one of Wonham's larger contentions: that in Chesnutt's early short fiction, particularly in the dialect stories of The Conjure Woman, he navigates the artistic and political limits of the form by tinkering restlessly with nuance and implication.
His early black-and-white works were a little sober for English taste, and Hilliard, as a name to conjure with, faded like a Polaroid.
Rudolph Fisher may be considered an early African American role model in precisely this respect.(12) Fisher combined HooDoo and homicide in his second novel A Conjure Man Dies (1932), in which he also offers an explanation of how the two are related.
." And the passages of outrageous violence conjure the characters of Saturday morning cartoons escaping just as a big spinning saw is about to slice them in half.