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Synonyms for conjure


conjure something up


Synonyms for conjure

to make an earnest or urgent request

Synonyms for conjure

ask for or request earnestly

engage in plotting or enter into a conspiracy, swear together

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Although Chesnutt reproduces the genre of plantation fiction in The Conjure Woman, he does so upon the "other side" of popular racial representations.
It was a pleasure working with my good friend Chris Bridges on the Conjure commercial.
And any prophet with cabalistic formulas or conjure man with magic family remedies attracts a large number of clients" (O negro brasileiro 320).
In these and many other examples that Chireau cites from various eras and locales, however, at least some of her subjects preferred to maintain a distinction between their own religious practices and what they regarded as malevolent Conjure, a tension which Chireau notes but does not theorize (118).
If the paintings that spawned Sallemania two decades ago conjured up cinematic montage and theatrical staging, the "Vortex" series conjures up .
They are abstract, but they begin to have the anonymous individuality of members of a tightly packed crowd, grey and mute, but Kafkaesquely frightening: Eisenman is trying to conjure what he calls 'the enormity of the banal'.
At one point, when an anecdote might have really strengthened his case about the need for Fair Trade coffee, Wild instead conjures up a meandering hypothetical about the fictional Ahab Coffee House.
An image conjures experiences, feelings, and thoughts that are often more powerful and reach deeper into the unconscious than those of words.
The other place is considered to be so imbued with Sapphira's spirit and so closely associated with Sapphira's--and Miranda's--powerful conjure that the people of Willow Springs keep a respectful, awed, even fearful distance from the house.
She could transform herself into a teddy bear, conjure up visions of herself in red, or wish herself into the glitzy, 1950s and 60s with their Pop Art Thunderbirds and Chevys.
Several of the remaining pieces conjure up yuletide, including Liszt's original compositions "Scherzoso" (a musical depiction of lighting candles on the Christmas tree) and two works about bells and chimes.
Another holiday party favorite, punch is sure to conjure up days gone by reminiscent of cut glass bowls and ladles filled with frothy, sliced fruit-topped potions, spiked and unspiked.
Mention statistics education and many minds conjure up rigid instruction based on obscure formulas.
Purgatory and using elaborately formulaic language in the style of the exorcists to confront this "phantasm": "I conjure you, phantasm, or whatever you are, that you tell me who you are, and that you tell me what you want of me.
They conjure a stunning spectrum of damnation, salvation, and resurrection.