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Synonyms for conjuration

the use of skillful tricks and deceptions to produce entertainingly baffling effects

the use of supernatural powers to influence or predict events

Synonyms for conjuration

a ritual recitation of words or sounds believed to have a magical effect

calling up a spirit or devil

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Drawing upon the latter, readings of these tales have frequently emphasized conjuration as a force of agency, a means of eluding the domination and cruelties of enslavement--part of a tradition that Houston A.
Avoiding conjuration, Blau recognizes how ghosting became their process, and he maintains its autonomous character.
However, his stories also illustrate the ways in which the characters of these folk tales utilize symbolic forms and practices such as conjuration in establishing personal agency and challenging racial proscriptions.
Une nouvelle Constitution, a cette phase critique, ne serait pas dans l'interet de l'Egypte[beaucoup plus grand que], souligne-t-il, a la lumiere de la conjuration des sceptiques et les pratiques de certaines parties pour combattre les influences malefiques !!!
Ce rituel est un culte ou une ceremonie cultuelle de conjuration du mauvais sort, qui se deroule generalement lors d'une neuvaine, soit lors de soins intensifs de guerison chez un ganga ou medecin traditionnel, soit en cas de penurie alimentaire, de catastrophe naturelle ou d'epidemie.
Conjuration as opposed to complete identification is to be favoured on the basis of the sceptical contention regarding the role of empathy in literature.
(5) Hence Derrida's ethico-political message in this work is that the spectre must not be made present through exorcism, conjuration or ontologisation, as the latter would entail the dissolution of the spectre's spectrality, the effacement of "the heterogeneity of the other" (Derrida 1994: 29), and the deactivation of its liberating potential.
In the beginning of Sweet England, an unemployed man whose background, indeed whose name is never certain (we are told only that he is a "mess of wounds") appears, with the thin stability of a conjuration, by a pub in north London.
To conduct this exorcism, Edgeworth employs the strategy of conjuration that, as Derrida has noted in Specters of Marx, always fails since it invokes or conjures up the very specter that it seeks to conjure away.
A fantasy is, in principle, a controlled and volitional conjuration. Although the Sphinx is the projection of the fantasist's mind, she appears to be invading, involuntarily.
is the main visual element in the necromancer's techniques, the conjuration is the key oral component.
Philip Gyffard, asserting that this "incorporeal figure" (1:x) was a conjuration of misinterpreted evidence.
The "conjuration" by which Godfrey expects his imagined plots to come true is a "superstitious impression which clings to us all" (116).
It is "Zakliatie Smekon" ["Conjuration by Laughter," "Encantacao pelo Riso"], by Velimir Klebnikov: