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Synonyms for conjuration

the use of skillful tricks and deceptions to produce entertainingly baffling effects

the use of supernatural powers to influence or predict events

Synonyms for conjuration

a ritual recitation of words or sounds believed to have a magical effect

calling up a spirit or devil

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In its positive sense, implication is conjuration and mind transference.
From the Latin invocare, which means "to call on, invoke, to give," invocation may take the form of prayer, conjuration, and a chosen kinship with certain spirits.
49) In an artful conjuration conducted so as to make political, economic, and social catastrophe go away, Baroque writers and thinkers underscored again and again that in the theatrum mundi that is human life, tragedy is never absolute, but always redeemable through recurrence to piety, virtue, and faith in the "comic" nature of the historical world--undeniably tragic, yet mysteriously imbued with transcendental significance and, hence, filled with hope.
Une nouvelle Constitution, a cette phase critique, ne serait pas dans l'interet de l'Egypte[beaucoup plus grand que], souligne-t-il, a la lumiere de la conjuration des sceptiques et les pratiques de certaines parties pour combattre les influences malefiques
Ce rituel est un culte ou une ceremonie cultuelle de conjuration du mauvais sort, qui se deroule generalement lors d'une neuvaine, soit lors de soins intensifs de guerison chez un ganga ou medecin traditionnel, soit en cas de penurie alimentaire, de catastrophe naturelle ou d'epidemie.
A fantasy is, in principle, a controlled and volitional conjuration.
In the beginning of Sweet England, an unemployed man whose background, indeed whose name is never certain (we are told only that he is a "mess of wounds") appears, with the thin stability of a conjuration, by a pub in north London.
Philip Gyffard, asserting that this "incorporeal figure" (1:x) was a conjuration of misinterpreted evidence.
The way a specific place is experienced may be a conjuration of the unconscious, but this can happen only because something inherent in that place encourages the unconscious to materialize.
The two texts on which she focuses her exposition, the Daoist Scripture for Unbinding Curses (Jieshi zhouzu jing) and the Buddhist Sutra for the Conjuration of Bewitchments (Zhoumei jing), were the products of a "subtle textual exchange" between the two traditions, whose approaches to neutralizing spells and curses were otherwise distinctly dissimilar.
Cahagnet 1851) These may stem from the writings on magic by Albertus Magnus describing the use of henbane in conjuration.
Here, at the crossroads between narrative representation and expressive conjuration, where story stands mute before its genesis in inchoate groan and wordless bone patterns, something is happening outside the Western text of healing.
The conjuration, the calling forth is anxiety from the moment it calls upon death to enliven it anew.
41) Similarly, Henry Bibb, in describing two incidents where he sought the help of a conjurer, points out that "I had then great faith in conjuration and witchcraft " (42) and at the same time attempts to assure his white readers that blacks harbor no ill intentions when they turn to the supernatural.
Even the magicians seem to be at least nominal Christians: Hume and Southwell are priests; Bolingbrook invokes "God's name" before the conjuration (1.