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a critical combination of events or circumstances

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He considered with some irony the philosophy which he had developed for himself, for it had not been of much use to him in the conjuncture he had passed through; and he wondered whether thought really helped a man in any of the critical affairs of life: it seemed to him rather that he was swayed by some power alien to and yet within himself, which urged him like that great wind of Hell which drove Paolo and Francesca ceaselessly on.
If Miss Pink could, by any possible conjuncture of circumstances, have disappeared mysteriously from her house and her friends, the police would have found the greatest difficulty in composing the necessary description of the missing lady.
From all these mysterious movements, the old man was aware that a crisis was at hand, and he summoned the utmost knowledge he had acquired, in so long a life, to aid him in the desperate conjuncture.
Democracy and democratization in comparative perspective; conceptions, conjunctures, causes and consequences.
Considering the current economy and industry conjunctures, we recommend refraining from investments into bonds of the company, despite the attractive yield.
Modern Buddhist Conjunctures in Myanmar: Cultural Narratives, Colonial Legacies, and Civil Society.
So far I have been dealing with normal economic conjunctures if on a larger scale then normal.
The popularization of Santa, whose image was only codified in advertisements in the l920s and 30s--Coca-Cola and Whitman's candy were the main players--is just one of the conjunctures of commercialism and celebration that have come to define our contemporary holiday.
s New Testament conjunctures, her assessment of attitudes toward food there appears valid.
This slim volume contains four papers preceded by a very brief preface, discussing the appropriation or transformation of specific public rituals in Italian cities in periods of shifting political, social, and/or cultural conjunctures.