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a critical combination of events or circumstances

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TAP) -- The trade deficit widened, at the end of the 11 months of 2017, to reach a historical highest level, 14,362MDT against 11,628MDT, a year before, said the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT), Thursday, in a note of economic conjuncture.
Despite the challenges presented by the political conjuncture, we will sustain the momentum of pursuing reforms in the health, women and gender struggles,' Hontiveros said in a statement on Wednesday.
o His book proceeds from two basic premises: at present, elite televised sport is in a moment of conjuncture in which conflicts inherent to several of its most foundational religions (or, otheologicalo) images and tropes are becoming visible and crystallizing around points of rupture, and processes of historical change related to these ruptures illustrate how sport is a context that produces uniquely powerful religions antagonisms and transmit them across an interrelated set of cultural practices and institutions.
In his new and timely book The Death and Life of the Single-Family House: Lessons from Vancouver on Building a Livable City University of British Columbia sociologist Nathanael Lauster traces the rise of the single-family house and in the process unpacks how this current conjuncture came about, how urban residents are coping, and what can be learned.
There have been times over the last five years, and particularly in the last year or two, when we have seemed to glimpse the beginning of the end of the austerity conjuncture in Europe.
What I cannot responsibly assure the Cypriot people is that the new conjuncture would be better than the current one," he said.
The first is that the international and regional conjuncture favored the AKP.
Neumann, in conjuncture with SAE Dubai, is set to host an experiential day on November 20, 2014 at the SAE Campus in Dubai.
In conjuncture with improved absorption rates, Midtown's leasing activity rose from 8.
Japan is situated at the conjuncture of several tectonic plates and experiences a number of relatively violent quakes every year.
Arslan cited the main reason for staying away from the dialogue by what he termed as "summons to dialogue falling short of priorities dictated by the present political conjuncture.
Babacan also said they did not expect any downgrade in Turkey's credit note, reminding that the credit rating agencies had previously stated that the global economic conjuncture or social mobility would not affect Turkey's note.
Released results reflect the negative conjuncture and expectations in steel industry.
Summary: At the current conjuncture, the lack of job opportunities in Morocco can be a lurking threat to the government's viability and, eventually, to the country's stability.
It is a problem for French politicians who are resisting to understand Turkey's place in international conjuncture too, said Bagis, adding that this resolution was obviously an effort of domestic political exploitation.