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a critical combination of events or circumstances

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2) Younge's account is a helpful attempt to think about Corbyn's rise to prominence in conjunctural terms, that is in relation to the broader political context and relations that define the current post-crisis moment.
First of all, in any case, Erdoy-an had to mention the EU because the EU process is not something that can be neglected due to the conjunctural developments in Europe.
Business fixed investment, which had grown rapidly for five years, has also decelerated reflecting a more hesitant conjunctural situation as well as progressively less favourable corporate profits.
In the manifesto we have used the notion of conjunctural change to characterise these shifts, and it is clear that conjunctural change will also connect to generational experience.
Despite some short-term volatility, the conjunctural indicators of the National Bank of Belgium - which lead economic activity by only a few months - have risen markedly in the recent period, pointing to broadly based strength in the economy and the continuation of the expansion in coming months.
It is widely acknowledged as being the first British book to attempt what became known as conjunctural analysis.
The conjunctural indicators of the National Bank of Belgium - which lead economic activity by only a few months - have risen sharply in the recent period, pointing to a continuation of the expansion in the near future.
As I understand it, the conjunctural analysis we have been discussing in recent issues of Soundings is about deep structural movements.
The latter is partly related to the conjunctural situation and partly the result of the reduced scope of paid-leave schemes.
If a wider break with the past is to be won, then the question of the economy has to be set within its wider conjunctural context.
7 per cent, compared with 3 per cent in 1995; and conjunctural indicators suggest that output was flat in the opening three months of 1997.
In many ways the key article of this issue is the dialogue between Stuart Hall and Doreen Massey, whose conversation is a further contribution to our ongoing discussion about how to understand what is currently happening through a return to the conjunctural analysis that was so useful in the 1980s in getting to grips with Thatcherism.
The conjunctural indicators of the National Bank of Belgium rebounded in January and February 1997 but fell back in March, and despite the continuing buoyancy of business fixed investment, real GDP growth may have remained sluggish in the first quarter.
1) Perhaps we should start by thinking about what conjunctural analysis is, and how it differs from other kinds of analysis.
Economic growth in the Netherlands has typically followed conjunctural developments in Germany closely.